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Which lighting is better?

by Steve85 about August 2 - report

Hello. Everyone. please let me know. For example, which is better, HPS lamp or LED lighting for indoor cultivation in a 50sq/m warehouse? It's about plant growth, not the cost of electricity. Which of the two types of lighting gives better results? The plant is intended for automatic flowering.
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  • 7.574

    king 7.574 points - August 2

    if you have very deep pockets led not the cheap ones......   there r some guys with the high end led's on here but i use t5's for veg and 400 watt hps for flower 

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    • king
      7.574 points -
      August 2

      i have gone 2 the led's in my t5's they r working very good ...........

  • 279

    TurtlesAllTheWayDown 279 points - August 2

    I've only ever used MH and HPS lights, aside from germination and first week or so I do under fluorescents so I don't have first hand experience using LEDs. On paper though, modern LED grow lights sure look impressive: longer life, less heat output, use less electric...

    I have friends that exclusively use LEDs indoor with great results.

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  • 13.283

    SanBoisLee 13.283 points - August 2

    I'd say for making solid bud you can't beat the hps.
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  • 5.862

    Texasbob 5.862 points - August 2

    I have never used hps lighting but from the research I've done they grow bigger denser buds more than LEDs but heat is the major factor. If you have a bigger grow area with a good way to control your temps you should go with hps, I ended up going with LEDs, they work great (I have no complaints) and in my smaller grow room I can keep my heat down.
    • Score: 0
    • king
      7.574 points -
      August 2

      @ texasbob what light do u have ?? if u have the higher end led's do they still put out the heat 2 ??

    • Texasbob
      5.862 points -
      August 2

      I have a viperspetra v600. My grow room is 3x3x6 and I have a 130 cfm extraction fan so I can keep my heat in check. It can get warmer than I prefer but I haven't had any heat issues show up in my plants since I built the room.

    • Hulk
      2.503 points -
      August 2

      I have read before that a lot of the HPS's give off a frequency detectable on an AM channel.

    • justme
      6.078 points -
      Tue at 6:38 AM

      The newer digital ballast don’t put out a frequency that will interfere with your neighbors internet or cable but from my understanding the older analog ones would. Mine never messes with my stuff when it kicks on or off and it is in the same house. Good ...  more

  • 2.424

    miggs 2.424 points - August 2

    HLG 550 V2 R Spec or HLG 650R, both are pricey but anymore you get what you pay for. those two lights i believe are the best quantum boards out there.if the price is too scary you can wait for the black friday sales or go to a lesser brand [ie. spider farmer SF-4000 ] half the price , close on spectrum but longevity/effiency wise is less. good luck !

    • Score: 0
    • bill59
      3.604 points -
      Mon at 12:31 AM

      I have the HLG 550 V2, last model before the R Spec but it's an outstanding light.

  • 3.690

    TokeaJ 3.690 points - August 2

    I have never used hps. LED only, I run 2- 260 watt HLG’s in a 4x4 tent. Looking at 1 more 260. It is pure preference on what you use. There are a lot of variables to look at when choosing lights.Best of luck
    • Score: 0
    • justme
      6.078 points -
      Tue at 6:41 AM

      That is so true. It depends on your grow style a lot. If you know how to utilize the light you have you can use less. Lst, defoliation, and other training techniques. Of course, if you want long big colas you have to have a strong enough light to reach de...  more

  • 2.503

    Hulk 2.503 points - August 2

    HPS will give you bigger plants. As mentioned the light choice is a personal preference. 50sq ft is a good size grow space so also check out the lights foot print when deciding. Looking forward to your grow updates.
    • Score: 0
  • 3.036

    Screwstick 3.036 points - August 2

    Right now I think a combo of MH and HPS produce the best buds but LED's are getting there. There are some high end LED's that may be there and what is $1500 today will be $150 in a few years so I am waiting. Its still kind of like buying a PC was 10 years ago, as soon as you buy the best someone comes out with better. 

    Heat is another big concern, HID lights put out some heat and if you cant keep it under control you will have fluffy buds. So an LED in a 70 degree room is probably going to do better than an HPS at 90-100 degree room.  

    Clear as mudd

    • Score: 0
    • Screwstick
      3.036 points -
      August 2

      Reading through these posts maybe watts per sq feet and how the light dissipates as you move away from center is more important than type of light. If your weakest point in the grow area is more than 35W per sqft your golden.

    • king
      7.574 points -
      Mon at 12:45 AM

      good point SS......

    • justme
      6.078 points -
      Tue at 6:42 AM


  • 19.890

    harley24 19.890 points - August 2

    I have used T5 HO lights, CFL lighting, HPS Systems and LED lights. I have actually had very good grows using all of these, but some lights do work better to get certain results. For what you are doing i believe it would be best to go with either MH & HPS systems or LED systems. I would use full spectrum led lights if it were me because from the led lights i am using now in my small 7' X 7' grow space i am getting good results. You can also use the MH & HPS systems as well. If cost is not an issue you will need to do some research to really see which of these two will work best for you. Companies are continually coming out with new lighting methods and/or building better existing lights, such as LED. I will say that a good HPS system works really good, and many growers still use them for large grow spaces. Some growers are switching to LED systems as well. You just need to research the two systems and decide for yourself whether LED's or HPS is the way for you to go. HPS is going to put out more heat, but with an area as large as you plan to grow in you are going to need a good heat and air system as well. I can honestly say that i would go with a full spectrum LED system myself. I am just hooked on LED lights since i have been using them. I do wish you the very best, and please keep us updated.  Peace

    • Score: 0
    • chubby441
      2.037 points -
      August 2

      Well said Harley.. I've also been growin with HID lights, both HPS and MH for years with good results BUT... LED's are the lighting source of the future. I've seen big solid colas grown under LED's. I'm currently makin the switch to LED's .

  • 8.518

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 8.518 points - August 2

    tough question. i run LEDs and cant afford the operational costs of the HID/HPS or MH lamps. im certainly no pro by any means but if you look at top commercial grows theyre not running HID/HPS, theyre running LEDs and that again is because of operational costs.

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