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Thinking about taking the plunge....

by Chineseeyedgrower about July 10 - report

Hey WP

So a couple of you guys have been really got me interested in trying coco.  Pipe and Screw.  I'm considering trying it on my next new grow.  A few questions for any of you guys that have experience with coco.  What brand of coco?  I heard Canna is good?  How often do you have to feed?  I read everyday.  Also do you feed on every water?  Do you start feeding from seedling?  Pipe, I think I remember you having some automated drip set up, I don't think I'm gonna get that sophisticated, just watering by hand.  Also what brand of nutes do you guys use.  I use Fox Farms for my soil grows, I think i could just use the hydro chart and switch the Grow big for the Hydro version?  Or is there a better nutrient brand for coco? Anyways thanks for any advice or feedback. Peace.

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  • 2.338

    George03 2.338 points - July 10

    I will give you my take so far on using coco since this is my first coco grow. Just find the cheapest brick coco to start and add at least 30% perlite to it. But first you need to rinse it well and buffer it using 7.5ml of CalMag per gallon of water. I buffered mine twice in this solution for at least 8 hours each time. You want the coco fully submerged in the CalMag solution. Yes you need to feed everyday at every watering, if you can a couple of times a day. I haven't been able to do that by hand. Next grow I will be using an auto feeder that I got from pipeman69. He says to feed them 6 times a day using it. How I did my seedling is filtered water until the first true leave and then I started using my feed chart. I've been using a feed chart from and it is working great for me. They are also a good source of information on getting started with coco. I've been using General hydroponics nutes. They do work great for sure. Anyways read all you can about growing in coco first. and are great sources. Good luck and happy growing! 

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    • Screwstick
      3.042 points -
      July 10

      I agree, feeding a couple of times a day is recommended and proven to work best but without the auto feeder who has time for that.

    • Chineseeyedgrower
      400 points -
      July 10

      thanx George.

  • 3.042

    Screwstick 3.042 points - July 10

    Try it you'll love it. I have used several types and I found the GH Coco Block worked great for me but this grow I didnt have the time to do the prep work so I am trying Canna Coco for the first time. So far it works great, I have even popped seeds in it without rapid rooters or rock wool, they have done great for being autos. I dont grow in soil so I have always fed seedlings as soon as I see green sticking out of the  rockwool, rapid rooters or coco. They are a lot tougher than you would think. 

    You dont have to feed everyday but it seems to work the best, I started out with a Feed, Feed, Water routine and feeding that one off day seems to make a difference. At what strength you feed is up to you but no plant can use feed at full strength everyday so IMO your just washing it away if you do feed at full strength.  Pipemans auto feed is the way to go for sure but its not a bad idea to hand feed one grow to learn with. If you grow a lot of plants what youll learn hand watering every day is a pain in the ass. 

    I have not tried it yet but I have seen great results with the Canna line of nutrients, GH FloraNova, Maxi Series and the GH trio work well, the GH Cocotek line for Coco is not good. The Fox Farms line should be good and I use the FF Soluable Trio along with the GH brands and they kick ass.  

    I have seen a lot of great coco grows on here and they keep getting better so take the plunge. there's lots of help on here to toss you a life preserver if you need one.. 

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    • Chineseeyedgrower
      400 points -
      July 10

      yea, then i may have to rethink the automation. ty SS

  • 1.402

    Lexstar 1.402 points - July 10

    Cocoforcanabis is a great coco website. Problem is, I mixed all my coco, put in pots and transferred my seedlings, not knowing I was supposed to buffer it beforehand. Don’t know if there is anything I can do about it now. I give cal-mag every feeding so far.
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  • 6.086

    justme 6.086 points - July 10

    Following! Thanks!

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    • Hulk
      2.506 points -
      July 11

      As am I, great info. Thank you.

  • 19.893

    harley24 19.893 points - July 10

    I buy my coco in 10lb bricks from amazon. I add 5 gallons of hot water to a tote that will hold it all and let it sit for a couple of hours. I also have another tote of the same size that i have drilled a lot of holes in the bottom so the water can drain out of it. Of course i have several other totes of the same size to store and mix my coco with perlite. I use a PPM meter to make sure my coco is washed good enough to grow with. I check the runoff water after washing the coco a few times. My water ppm's are usually about 114, so when my runoff water is equal or less than that i am good to go. I pour the coco in a tote with no holes and add cold water with calimagic at 1tsp per gallon and let it sit for several hours or overnight. After that i mix my perlite with my coco. I use 30% perlite. When i fill my containers i do not pack the coco/perlite down, but i do kind of bounce the grow bag a little to compact the mix just a little. I use GH Flora series base nutrients myself, but you can use any nutrients that are compatible with coco. Just about all nutrients are compatible, and they make nutrients especially for coco. So you can use what your using now or switch if you like. I use GH Flora series base nutes, calimagic, terpinator, liquid koolbloom and Mother of all Blooms in my grows, and that is all. Sometimes i may need to use a little Epsom Salt if i am having an issue with a calcium deficiency, but other than that my grows are simple but have good results imo. You will see a huge difference in the speed at which your plants grow in coco. I allmost forgot my feeding schedule. I feed EVERY SINGLE DAY with nutrients and never give my plants any plain ph'ed water. I never feed until i get any runoff either. I give the plants just enough for the day. I like to do my training and feed afterwards. I hope some of this helps, and if you need any more help just message me and i will get back to you as soon as i can.  Peace

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    • Screwstick
      3.042 points -
      July 11

      I put 1/2 of one of those blocks in a bucket with hot water and had one hell of a time getting it out of the bucket, lol. I think you could lift a house with that stuff.

    • Lexstar
      1.402 points -
      July 11

      I put two bricks in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket side by side then wet them with warm water. BIG MISTAKE. They swol up and I thought they were going to split the bucket. They were so tight in the bottom I had to take a knife and cut it out in pieces. W...  more

    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      8.523 points -
      July 11

      thats alot of gawd damn work compared to preparing a cube of rockwool in hydroton!!

    • justme
      6.086 points -
      July 11

      Yea. Or simply using a wheelbarrow!!

  • 7.775

    caiman 7.775 points - July 11

    Cana is my choice for cocoa from their bag of coco to their nutrients. Use their featured since it's programmable and will fit everybody's individual needs. Every day pain in the ass but producers.

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  • 7.577

    king 7.577 points - July 11

    i think i have the best of both hydro and soil..... with pro-mix if i can get it.......... just about impossable to over water in 5 gallon water/feed 3 to 4 days and in a 7 gallon pot 5 days time 2 water/feed again......  u never pack the medium just water in and u r good 2 go........ happy hunting 

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  • 363

    Jesse420 363 points - July 11

    I’ll get back to this post, they have u covered bro thanks
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  • 3.604

    bill59 3.604 points - July 11

    I like the Canna Coco in bags but I rinse and buffer it before using. Canna says their coco coir is rinsed and buffered but I still do it to be sure. I've used GH floratrio and Canna Coco nutrient lines and they both work fine. Good luck, coco is a great medium IME.

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