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Haze strain phenotypes

by Yeoshua about June 29 - report

Im trying to find out what different phenotypes of the original old school Haze there are. Does anyone know?
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  • 19.839

    harley24 19.839 points - June 30

    Way out of my league my friend, but i am sure someone will chime in and share some info with you. Good luck.  Peace

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  • 2.880

    Screwstick 2.880 points - June 30

    Nirvana Lemon OG Haze and Super Silver Haze are really good.  I would include Jock Horror and Raspberry Cough as Haze strains too. 

    I am not sure what an "old school" haze would be, I dont remember smoking any Haze back in the 70's and 80's so maybe it was really good stuff. LOL There are lots of Haze strains out there, so far I love them all. I just ordered some G13 Haze seeds from Barneys. Chocolate Haze from Royal Queen Seeds and Nirvana's discontinued Sterling Haze are my favorites. 

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    • Yeoshua
      187 points -
      June 30

      Im growing a Haze that supose to be the same as the Haze from the 70's. It is from pevbank.

    • Screwstick
      2.880 points -
      June 30

      I have not heard of that breeder but honestly I think the strains from back in the day are all gone or have evolved into what we smoke now. It would be cool to do a comparison if anyone has a time machine.
      Either way I dont think you will be disappointed...  more

  • 1.963

    chubby441 1.963 points - June 30

    Haze strains are one of the most bred hybrids there is. Like SS said it's a crap shoot now. One of the best Haze strains was supposedly Ghost Train Haze by Rare Dankness . There's only 30 different phenos of it floatin around now. Super Silver Haze is a good one too. Big yielder. Good luck 

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  • 7.729

    caiman 7.729 points - June 30

    Seat finder might be of help. The original haze strain as far as I know contained Santa Cruz pays. 

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  • 5.932

    justme 5.932 points - June 30

    Genetics have been so mixed up by breeders, who knows!
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