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Soil Types

by bagmania01 about June 29 - report

Hello everyone. .  I’m sorry to ask so many questions but I’m trying to get up to your levels of knowledge. Is there any cheaper media/soil than the Fox Farm or other of the high priced shit I’ve been told to use?


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  • 2.880

    Screwstick 2.880 points - June 29

    I just use the Pro Mix with Mycos I get at Lowes but to be honest I dont care if my outside grows are sucessful or not, but so far it works. 

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    • Screwstick
      2.880 points -
      June 29

      I am not normally a soil grower either.

  • 8.228

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 8.228 points - June 29

    not a soil grower but i wanted to say that its great that you keep asking questions and compare notes. You absorb knowledge just taking part in the forum questions!

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  • 7.312

    king 7.312 points - June 30

    u get out what u put into your grow.....  ask all the questions u want some one will b there 2 help....

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  • 5.748

    Texasbob 5.748 points - June 30

    We always appreciate questions because we all learn and one day you will be answering a question for someone new down the line. Imo, fox farm soil is really great and if you compare the cost of the soil and the amount of weed you can grow in it compared to what you would spend to purchase that same amount of weed, it's now competition. Imo, when you are building a house never skimp on the foundation. Just my opinion. Good luck and keep asking questions because growing weed is fun!
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  • 19.839

    harley24 19.839 points - June 30

    You can use a, "Super" soil for several weeks and not have to use any nutrients, but sooner or later you will need to use nutrients. I found it just as easy to use a simple top soil and add nutrients. You give the plants what they need so they don't have to get it from the soil, that's all. For those super soils you will pay a lot and still end up using nutrients imo.  Peace

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  • 1.963

    chubby441 1.963 points - June 30

    What up bagman... There are many different ways to come up with a GOOD soil/soiless mx to grow cannabis in. You can find all you need at Walmart. or buy the pre-made stuff. I like to reuse my mix, so I'm continually adding ammendments to it, to replenish soil biology and nutes. Make sure it drains well ! It's really fun stuff. Happy growin 

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  • 1.365

    Lexstar 1.365 points - June 30

    I have used the miracle grow soil for raised beds. It has all of the good and no fertilizer mixed in. Worked well for me. Lowe’s carries it.
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    • ChAs420
      8.908 points -
      June 30

      used to use MG soil inside sometimes too back in the day..think back then they only carried one kind that i remember..always werked for me..that was before FF ect ect

  • 7.729

    caiman 7.729 points - June 30

    TBob has your answer. You can also reuse Foxfarm soil's are using happy frog soil conditioner after the first used.

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  • 388

    Chineseeyedgrower 388 points - June 30

    Bagmania, first of all I don't feel you should ever apologize for asking questions, isn't that what this portal is for?  Second, how much they charging you for Fox Farms,  I just went and got a bag from my hydro shop and he charged me $15. And had a very possible enlightening conversation about growing with the owner, I will post after this. I think even the higher end stuff at dept. stores are already up near 10=12 bucks, so for the little extra.  I tried an organic soil from Home Depot, Kelloggs Organic potting mix or some shit, and bro that shit fucked up my plant, as soon as I transplanted it into some Nectar for the Gods #4, it was fine in 2 days!!  I was doing a side by side with 3 different soils. FF  ocean forest, Nectar #4, and the Kelloggs.  The Kelloggs sucked big time, and it was like 9 dollars I think.  Let us know if you find something cheap that works good, I'm a cheap fucker.

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  • 5.932

    justme 5.932 points - June 30

    I give 20 bucks a bag for FFOF. I start seeds in FFHF. I’m going to try out water grows next run though. I think the FFOF is worth every penny as far as a soil grow goes though. You get back what you put into your pot in weight and quality. Ask all the questions you want. That is what the WP is for. Happy growing my friend!
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