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General Hydroponics for Soil

by Chineseeyedgrower about June 29 - report

Been using Fox Farms Nutes.  And very satisfied with results.  But wanted to change up and try something new.  Any of you guys familiar with the General Hydroponics Flora Trio Series Line?  I'm in soil.  Was wondering if I could get by with just the three in the trio.  I do the FF Big bloom, Grow big and Tiger blooms and I use all three of their P/K boosters.  Curious if i just used the GH trio if I would achieve similar results or do you guys think I will still need a bloom booster during flower? Also do you think the floralicious plus is necessary, cuz that shit is kinda expensive.  Any feedback or reviews, experiences good or bad would greatly be appreciated.  Thanks you guys.  Peace.

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  • 218

    TurtlesAllTheWayDown 218 points - June 29

    I grew for years indoors using only GH Flora series nutes and occassional epsom salt for magnesium. I was happy with my results. Could I have increased yields with those other nutes? Maybe, but I never tried.

    I am now growing outdoors and again using the GH Flora series nutes.

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  • 17.793

    pipeman69 17.793 points - June 29

    I use the floranova 2 step grow and bloom, great results. I've been using this shit like 7 years now.I veg for 3 to 4weeks so not much floralicious plus but I do use floralicious bloom, great results.
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    • Screwstick
      2.880 points -
      June 29

      Do you buy the Floranova in quarts or gallons? My problem with the bloom is I dont shake it well enough and end up with some sludge in the bottom of the bottles even when I put nuts and bolts in there to help mix it up. Maybe I should store it at a warmer...  more

    • pipeman69
      17.793 points -
      June 29

      I like to buy qts. I would hate to be at the end of my grow and have to open a gallon. I dont really grow all year round so this suits my needs.
      I keep my nutes in the dark, 64 to 70 degrees and do you know when you first crack open the bottle there is th...  more

    • Screwstick
      2.880 points -
      June 29

      I will use over a gallon of the bloom even at 1/2 strength so buying by the gallon saves me more money than GIECO. Eventually I want to try a grow with no bloom base and just the FF solubles.

  • 8.228

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 8.228 points - June 29

    Nothing wrong with Fox Farms but if you want to try a different line of nutes i can understand that. So if you like GH, they sell a complete kit called the GH Flora series performance pack. This comes with the 3 part base nutes, Rapid Start, Flora Bloom, Flora Blend, Liquid KoolBloom, FloraKleen, Floralicious Plus and a pH Test Indicator drops. 

    if you start a new brand of nutes theres always a learning curve.

    Good luck!


                             General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack

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  • 2.880

    Screwstick 2.880 points - June 29

    I have used a lot of different nutrients and all of GH's base nutes are great with the exception of the Cocotek mix, its really weak, and I havent tried the GO organic line. I have done test grows with the others and they all work great by themselves in coco coir but I always added Cal/Mag. I am not sure if you need cal/mag in soil the epmom salt may be enough.

    If your looking for simple and cheap the Maxi series does a great job too.  

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    • Screwstick
      2.880 points -
      June 29

      This grow I am using the trio to play around with the ration of NPK after the flip. Growing weed in RDWC is like Gremlins, no N after 12/12 or they turn into monsters.

  • 5.932

    justme 5.932 points - June 29

    I grow in soil using the GH Flora Series nutrient lineup and love it. You will still need a calmag and a bloom booster as well as the 3 base nutrient. I use the whole lineup myself. Armor SI (silica suppliment strength, vigor, and stress. I only use this after I have all my training done. It makes the limbs too brittle for training.), Calmagic (calcium and magnesium suppliment), FloraMicro, FloraGro, FloraBloom (N-P-K base nutrients), Rapid start (root enhancer), DiamondNector, Liquid KoolBloom (weight), Floricious Plus, FloraBlend (aroma and size), FloraNecter (flavor), Dry KoolBloom (weight, ripening), FloraKleen (flush). Works great with the right Ph and once you get it dialed in at the right strength for the right stage of growth. One good thing is that I have never burnt a plant with any of it but the Dry KoolBloom. No need in buying the 2.2lb bag of it. The 8oz. bottle will last a long time at 1/4 teaspoon max per gallon. I doubt I will ever change nutrients unless they quit making them like they do now or I have no other option. Good luck and happy growing my friend!

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    • Screwstick
      2.880 points -
      June 29

      When you say "need" do you mean "want"? No doubt the supplements help but you can grow good smoke with just the base nutes, good genes, lighting and environment.

    • Chineseeyedgrower
      388 points -
      June 29

      Thanx Justme, I found an old article when you were getting ready to switch over to GH for the first time, at least I think it was you. And that post was a few years old, I think.

    • justme
      5.932 points -
      June 29

      I have used GH Flora Series in soil since I started growing indoors in 2012. Yes. You can grow with just the base, good genetics, lights, and the correct environment but I would also add Calmagic or another calmag product and a bloom booster for sure to g...  more

  • 7.312

    king 7.312 points - June 30

    i use GH pro feed chart feed to waste.......  this is my only nute's ive ever used........

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  • 19.839

    harley24 19.839 points - June 30

    I use the GH Flora series base nutrients in coco/perlite mix and have good results with it. Other growers use it in many different grow mediums with good results. I believe that GH is about the oldest weed fert. vendor around, and they have been around for a while. I think you will be happy with the GH trio, but you still need to use bloom boosters. You need those no matter what base nutrients you are using imo.  Peace

    • Score: 0
    • justme
      5.932 points -
      June 30

      I agree.

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