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Southern Ag Garden Friendly Biological Fungicide,

by Screwstick about June 28 - report

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone was using this stuff in place of Hydroguard in DWC or RDWC. 

Hydroguard: bacillus amylolquefaciens 0.038%
inert ingredients 99.962% Recommended usage: 2ml/gal

Southern Ag: bacillus amylolquefaciens 98.85%
inert ingredients 1.15% Recommended usage: 2ml/gal in DWC/RDWC

I bought some and have used it in the res for my flood table/top feed and the 3 gallon totes I am growing plants in for seeds. So far so good or maybe great.

The water in the 3 gallon totes is mid to high 80's all the time and there is no sign of root rot in those plants, other than nute stain they look pristine. The roots of the plants in the flood table look good but that water is about 75 max. So it seems like the extra bacillus in the AG mix is doing what its supposed to and fighting off any root rot. With Hydroguard I would have had some dead plants by now with those water temps. 

The AG stuff is $175 a gallon vs $68 or less for Hydroguard so there is a huge cost difference but if you cant keep your water temps down it may be an option. 

Also I trimmed the roots on the plants in the totes to about a 1/2 inch below the net pots and they did grow back about double the mass they were. 

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  • 2.880

    Screwstick 2.880 points - June 28

    I just looked and most sellers say it is currently unavailable and they dont know when it will return, so it may not matter. 

    • Score: 0
  • 8.228

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 8.228 points - June 28

    Southern Ag is the brand name. is the product name Southern Ag Garden Friendly Biological Fungicide?

    • Score: 0
    • Screwstick
      2.880 points -
      June 29

      I think so

  • 13.177

    SanBoisLee 13.177 points - June 29

    That's pretty amazing. Sould help anyone running hydro in higher heat situations.

    • Score: 0
    • Screwstick
      2.880 points -
      June 29

      Thats what I am thinking, I suggest doing all you can to keep the temps down, frozen coke bottles or whatever but it could help someone get through a hot spell.

  • 19.839

    harley24 19.839 points - June 30

    I think the percentages speak for themselves. You don't use as much and get a better result......just can't beat that imo.  Peace

    • Score: 0
    • Screwstick
      2.880 points -
      June 30

      Actually you use the same amounts, over twice as much if you use the mfg's recommendation. I think the results are only better if your res gets hot.

  • 5.932

    justme 5.932 points - June 30

    I just bought a quart of Hydroguard to try out with my new DWC bucket. I haven't even opened it yet. If I have problems, I will look closer into this product. Thanks for the information buddy!! Happy growing!!

    • Score: 0
    • Screwstick
      2.880 points -
      June 30

      Hydroguard works great even if your temps get a bit high and I know your room is under control so you will probably be fine with just it.

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