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by busasusal about May 23 - report

I planted my crop early yhis year and I believe the weather has been lousy and some of my plants went into flowering mode. With one of them with a lot of hairs on them. Do you think they will get back into vegging now that the sun is out more? Shouldm I give it a big dose of nitrogen to help it to start growing again? What do you all think?Im in S California and sun nshould be getting great now. I hope all those buds havent screwed up this crop. I bought some 21-0-0 amonium sulphate to dose them . Im outdoors obviously. I was giving them 15-5-15 fertalizer but thought I wouldnt give them that for a couple weeks To see if I can turn them around.A couple of other friends around here are also having the same problem with theirs.It must have been that rain and cloudy days in March/ April.or the corona virus lol. I read somewhere that smoke cbd oil helps on the virus. I dont know about that but it would be nice if it did.. I know a person that got that covid 19 and had to spend month in hospital , he said it was terrieble but at least he survived. Hope your alll good stay safe 

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  • 7.845

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 7.845 points - May 23

    good question! remember that the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice is coming in July 21. Im normally an indoor grower but i gave a super healthy clone to a friend of mine who is growing it outdoors as well (South Texas). It has been outside for a few weeks and looks like its starting to flower ontop as well. In my opinion i think, personally it will go back into vegetation soon. it has no choice unless its an auto!

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  • 5.709

    justme 5.709 points - May 23

    Let her flower! Mother Nature has a way with things. All us inside growers do is try to replicate Mother Nature. You don't want to add a lot of extra nitrogen if it is flowering! That will hinder the plant from being able to absorb pottasium and phosperous to make flowers with. Just let her go. If she revegges she will flower again. I would just give equal parts of base nutrients (N-P-K) for the tansition stage and then if she revegges I would go back to veg feedings. I try to set my outdoor seedlings out when they are young so that they aren't reliant on long lights on periods before they come out of the seedling stage (within 2 weeks of them popping). How old are they? Not autos? Have fun my friend!

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  • 2.657

    Screwstick 2.657 points - May 23

    That  21-0-0 amonium sulphate may burn them so I would go easy on it, actually I wouldnt use it at all. It will either stay in flower or reveg but in So Cal you should have plenty of time for them to finish either way. Look into revegging so you dont freak out if the leaves start making radical changes, its a hell of a thing to observe 

    We are assuming they not auto flowers 

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  • 19.739

    harley24 19.739 points - May 23

    This is really weird to me with all these outside grows starting to flower so damn early. I just don't get it. Years ago we had plenty of starting months that were cloudy with shitty weather, but the plants didn't go into flower. Shit, they should be in veg for a long time before this happens. Maybe the extra large dose of "N" will help with your plants, and i sure hope it does. Good luck, and please keep us updated.  Peace

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    • Screwstick
      2.657 points -
      May 23

      There could have been an auto flower seed mix up.

    • caiman
      7.657 points -
      May 24

      Morning Harley my problem from last year but I have a solution see below

  • 13.016

    SanBoisLee 13.016 points - May 24

    I'd be very cautious with the nitrogen. A few pictures would help but there are a few things that can happen including go back to veg. It may be feasible to top those plants too...the new growth should be veg. Sometimes they keep flowering slightly until Aug. then grow fairly normal. Top if you can, otherwise don't do drastic feeding and play it the way you see it.

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  • 7.657

    caiman 7.657 points - May 24

    I had your problem big time last year and many times over the years I finally found a solution this year after reading many Humboldt Seed Company and Dark Heart Nursery articles.  I also live in California like you just above Monterey Bay on the east side of the coastal range. I have had my plants flower early due to lack of sunshine and I verified this with SBL. But my problem and yours was putting the plants out to early. Since we all live in sunny California we think we can get away with anything but we can't here's what happened and here is tthe solution.

    When do you put your plants out? March or April absolutely not try the latter part of May and early June this is a must. Outdoor plants need 10 hours of total darkness or they wallflower. This means checking the sun and finding out how many hours of sun per day. In my area and probably yours I only have 14.7 hours per day of sun in June I have tracked it for one year each day asking my iPhone to calculate it for me. This year I put for Humboldt seed plants out in mid May space to park by four days or so the first two flowered but a second to dip the difference was the second two were c;ose to 14 hours. This is HSC recinnebdation.

    If you want to put them out in March or April then you must interrupt the 10 hours of darkness per night. You can do this with a timer and a light turn it on at 3 AM and off at 4 AM. I haven't tried this but according to dark heart nursery it works. They know because they have plant scientist working for them. Anyway that's how I learned hope this helps you.

    Finally I pinched the buns off on the first to the flowered and so far they seem to be growing OK. I also kept fertilizing as I would any young plants in veg. Forget the ysing 21 0 0 as it is for pasture grass and grown fruit and nut trees.

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    • harley24
      19.739 points -
      May 24

      This is very good information for outside growers who are having the early flowering issues. I am glad you figured this out with some research and help from some growers. Peace

    • justme
      5.709 points -
      Tue at 5:14 PM

      I think this is your best answer. I just put mine out a few days ago now that the days are 14 hours long. I only started them inside and got them out in the ground before they went into full veg (2 weeks at the most inside). Good luck and happy growing!

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