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by Blackopps about April 28 - report

I'm sending another one every can seeAt what stage my buds Are,because I need some Advice.maybe a few of y'allCould give me some advice on bloom nutes What works best for youSo i can get an idea of what to check out.(so many).tied down some
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  • 1.082

    Tomwel187 1.082 points - April 28

    Yes it looks like the bud sites are just starting to form.... I am using the floranova bloom from GH and using the FF solubles trio for boosters it seems to work well
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    • Tomwel187
      1.082 points -
      April 28

      Yes I use terpinator as wel when my plants are looking good.... if there’s any issues with my plants then I let off the terpinator and try to get the nutrients figured out before going back on the terpinator.... and ya I use extreme gardenings Mycos on tr...  more

    • Screwstick
      2.882 points -
      April 28

      Make sure you tighten the lid and then shake the shit out of the Floranova. I was warned and I didnt but its not a mistake I will repeat.

    • Blackopps
      95 points -
      April 28

      I've had no real experience with ff,I'm more
      Interested in big buds than anything else
      If anyone would give me and ideals on how
      To use them, I would greatly appreciate it....  more

    • pipeman69
      17.793 points -
      April 28

      You gotta be careful with feed charts! I use them as a reference than start with 1/2 suggested dosage then build my way up. If your using a feed chart make sure it has the recommended ppms listed and make sure that you dont exceed that amount. 700 Early ...  more

  • 2.882

    Screwstick 2.882 points - April 28

    I use the Fox Farm soluable trio for blom nutrients too, they work great. Liquid and dry Koolbloom work good and so does MOAB but the trio does the best for me. It depends on your budget too, none of them are cheap. 

    • Score: 0
  • 1.366

    Lexstar 1.366 points - April 28

    For flower stage I like Terpinator and Flower Fuel this grow I’m going to add some MOAB. Hear it’s really good for buds.
    • Score: 0
  • 7.729

    caiman 7.729 points - April 28

    Check out Fox Farm supplements open Sesame Bestie Bloom and CHA CHONG 

    • Score: 0
    • Screwstick
      2.882 points -
      April 28

      Thats the good stuff

  • 8.238

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 8.238 points - April 28

    what week of flower are you in? looks like week 2 or 3. hard to guess. bloom boosters are a good way to go t get t the next level! 

    1.)  Terpinator/MOAB work well together

    2.) Liquid and Dry Koolbloom are another good choice (used at different stages)

    3.) Big Bud and Bud Candy used together work really well and Overdrive for late bloom is also also a good strategy

    • Score: 0
    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      8.238 points -
      April 28

      also by the way, these are use in addition to your normal flowering nutes. these are supplements and you regular nutrients can be used at aboot half strength when used

    • Blackopps
      95 points -
      April 28

      Just starting week 3 ,they kinda behind I
      Believe, like when you get sick ,al you want
      To do is ly in bed and do nothing.
      Well they were sick,but now they r growing ...  more

  • 392

    Chineseeyedgrower 392 points - April 28

    I'm on board with caiman and screwstick.  I am using Fox Farm nutes, and the 3 solubles. Like mentioned above, lol  CHA CHONG.   Looks like you can skip the Open Sesame, cuz your bud sites are already formed and your buds have started.  You might be at the Beastie Bloomz (time to BEAST OUT) phase.  Looks like you are at like 2-3 weeks since flip give or take.  Anyway you wanted first hand experience, I'm chopping in about a week, and my buds are almost the size of my fist.  Was it the boosters?  Was it the extreme defolation a day before flip and again at day 21?  That I can't tell you. I might do an grow without boosters and see if they really do make a difference.   One thing though, remember when you do the booster, it's not like they gonna Blow up overnite, but they will, it's like all of a sudden you will be looking at em one day, and you gonna say holy shit these bitches are BEAST!!  As far as how to use them, the instructions on the side of lil jar and they have a feeding schedule.  Good luck man, keep us posted and Peace.

    • Score: 0
  • 5.938

    justme 5.938 points - April 28

    Very nice! You have new budsites popping up everywhere. I use the Liquid KoolBloom along with my base nutrients, Terpinator, and other additives until a couple weeks after the stretch is over and I have worked my veg nutreints down to almost none. Then I go to the Dry KoolBloom along with my micro and bloom base nutrients, Terpinator, and other additives. Just remember that the bloom boosters are strong! Less is definately more when it comes to them or any nutrients really! I have never used over 1/4 teaspoon of Dry KoolBloom per gallon of water! If you use too much it can and will have a negative effect on your plants instread of helping them produce more. Bloom boosters used at too high of a level will burn plants up. Just start out slow instead of using too much and then backing off. You can always add more. You can never get out too much you added without a lot of water and work. You would be better off not using any if you were to use too much! Good luck and have fun growing my friend! 

    • Score: 0
    • Blackopps
      95 points -
      April 28

      Just ordered that koolbloom,terpona...
      And few other things ,big bloom.etc.
      I'm kinda scared of fox farms, like you said
      I almost killed 3bplants about 2 yrs ago
      To much tiger,are my plants up

    • Blackopps
      95 points -
      April 28

      Excuse my spelling,my brother brought over
      Some chocolope,that sh......t is powerful.

    • justme
      5.938 points -
      April 28

      The KoolBloom will also burn your plants down if used in too big of amounts! Especially the Dry! It is strong!

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