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Sherbet cookies and Hawaii maui waui update.

by Mark49 about April 27 - report

Well all. About 2 days ago after my flush, I cut down the SC and HMW plants to hang. I got about 4 oz of trim from the SC plants, and maybe 2 oz trim from the HMW plants.I would say each SC plant got about 2oz of buds and the HMW plants about 1oz 9f buds.Not an overall good yield.But remember I had a lot of problems with both strains after switching to flowering 12/12.Anyway, hopefully in about a week all buds will be placed in jars to cure.Enjoy the pics. Any feedback is much appreciated.
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  • 17.793

    pipeman69 17.793 points - April 27

    I'm very interested in the sherbet cookies! How is the smell and how was your stretch? Also how long did we veg for?

    Congrats man may you enjoy your harvest!

    • Score: 0
    • Mark49
      203 points -
      April 27

      The SC went almost 7 weeks in veg.
      The stretch was about 8 inches.
      It has a strong fruity oder.

      They were a lil shocked just like the HMW strain.

  • 945

    notsohigh 945 points - April 27

    It looks really good 

    • Score: 0
  • 3.567

    bill59 3.567 points - April 27

    Looks great, congrats on your harvest! Looking forward to a smoke report.

    • Score: 0
  • 218

    TurtlesAllTheWayDown 218 points - April 27

    Hopefully you got some decent bud and learned a thing or two from your grow. Not too bad. Enjoy!

    • Score: 0
  • 19.842

    harley24 19.842 points - April 27

    Please don't feel bad because i am sure all of us have had a grow that went worse than it started out to be. I know i have had many grows like that. Just enjoy what you did get and start over again with a new energy. I wish you the best.  Peace

    • Score: 0
    • Chineseeyedgrower
      392 points -
      April 28

      harley is absolutely correct, hell I have been thru 3 grows, and all were crap. This one coming up, is gonna be my first real good grow, dunno why but everything just clicked. Keep on chuggin man, great things come to us who keep chuggin. Peace.

  • 5.938

    justme 5.938 points - April 28

    Great looking harvest! Enjoy the fruits of your labor! What strains are next for you? Happy growing my friend!!

    • Score: 0
    • Mark49
      203 points -
      April 28

      My next grow is a 1:1 of thc and CBS. Nebula
      Is the strain. I'm also going to try a strain called

  • 1.082

    Tomwel187 1.082 points - April 28

    Very nice!!! That is awesome that you made it to harvest!!! And IMO when starting out the biggest victory is just making it to harvest.... once you do that then you know you can do that and you will get to be better and better with each grow.... and be able to read your plants like some of the folks on here can.... once you smoke it let us know how the HMW is I’m interested
    • Score: 0
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