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why so slow ??

by sreveo about April 27 - report

this girl is a Skunk #1.... First time I've grown this strain , but I have grown allot of Super Skunk , with much sucess. Well... believe it or not , she's 9 days old ! I have never seen such slow groth of any of my grows. I'm using light nutrients at seedling strength , my temps are good , and she looks healthy , and lighting is good. I'm just starting to get tap roots coming out of the net pots. Is this a strain thing ? Is this a bad batch of seeds ? I've never experienced anything like this before.  Any ideas ??

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  • 67

    NewSprout2 67 points - April 27

    I have noticed 50 percent of my Nirvana seeds go dorment at sometimes during the seedling statge. The bad genetics cause the growing tips not to grow.  I have been buying from MSNL and I am runing a 90 percent germination to flower sucess rate. I am done with Nirvan. 

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    • TurtlesAllTheWayDown
      218 points -
      April 27

      Ouch. Can others confirm that (50% Nirvana seeds go dormant)?

    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      8.238 points -
      April 27

      for me personally, no. if my seeds pop, its almost guaranteed to see a harvest date. gotta have patience

    • Tomwel187
      1.082 points -
      April 27

      I had 90% success with Nirvana seeds once they start growing they shouldn’t go dormant if all the factors are in place

    • ChAs420
      8.914 points -
      April 28

      @NewSprout..lotta times they are just making roots and will take off like a rocket after while when they ready...dont love em to death tryna feed or water them thinkin it will help.

  • 17.793

    pipeman69 17.793 points - April 27

    9 days above ground? I dont think your too bad and once them roots start going shes gonna take off!

    Just now I realized that nirvana has the skunk 1. I'm definitely grabbing some of these!

    What kind of nutes/supplements your using in your bucket?

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  • 20.836

    airplane 20.836 points - April 27

    what do you use for rooting ?  

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  • 8.238

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 8.238 points - April 27

    if youve got roots dropping it shouldnt take too llong before you realy get off the ground! On seedlings in DWC i like to use Rapid Start by GH

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    • Screwstick
      2.882 points -
      April 27

      Do you top feed by hand when they are small like this?

    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      8.238 points -
      April 27

      you could partialy bury the stem in hydroton for support if it gets too lanky and long. you might also check to see that your airstone is good and you have lots of oxygen in the reservoir/bucket
      @ Screwstick yeah i will use a 5 ml dripper/pipette

  • 2.882

    Screwstick 2.882 points - April 27

    Looks good to me, I think its like others have said its building a root system and its about to take off. Are you using Rapid Start and Hydroguard? 

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  • 3.589

    TokeaJ 3.589 points - April 27

    As others have said! Once the tap root hits your nutes it will grow a lot faster. Are you using a root stimulator and hydro guard?If not you should be!
    • Score: 0
    • sreveo
      137 points -
      April 28

      Yes.. Rapid start and Hydroguard....

  • 19.842

    harley24 19.842 points - April 27

    I say that 99% of Nirvana seeds pop and live to harvest if things are done properly. I don't think it is fair to give Nirvana a bad rap just because you may have done some things wrong. I do agree that every once in a while you get seeds that are not viable, but i have been buying seeds from Nirvana for many years with only a few times the seeds did not pop. You don't see 50% of the people who buy seeds from Nirvana saying 50% of Nirvana seeds are no good. Anyway, i think the seedling looks good but may have a little trouble building a good root system, but it is not very old yet either. I grow in coco/perlite mix, and i give my seedlings a water, cal mag mix for their first week. I also put Mycos & Azos in the hole when i transplant them into final containers. My seedlings are only 4 to 5 days old when they go into their final containers. It could be a genetic thing, but you would need to get others who have grown this strain to chime in on that. I hope you find your answers.  Peace

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  • 1.082

    Tomwel187 1.082 points - April 27

    Yes I agree once those roots develop it will start to take off like a weed!!
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  • 1.366

    Lexstar 1.366 points - April 28

    100% of the seeds I have bought from Nirvana I have harvested. I had some OG seeds recently that gave me a scare because they took so long to pop I thought they were bad, but perseverance always pays off.50%? What seeds in particular have gone bad? Do you buy feminized?
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  • 7.729

    caiman 7.729 points - April 28

    Roots need to grow first if they look good your plans  sre OK

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