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Has anybody tried...

by Jesse420 about March 25 - report

My grow setup comes with cfl’s as my light source. But.... i have the chance to stealth grow inside my place. If i give 6-8 hrs of sunlight then move it back to cfl’s during the evening giving me a 24/0 schedule, (im doing autos) would that give me a large edge when it comes to yield?? Or is it better if i ignore the whole idea?? I hope everyone is safe from the corona virus. Peace ✌️
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  • 6.000

    marlboro 6.000 points - March 25

    I wouldn’t go 24/0. 20/4 works best for autos. If you’re in coco it would be better than soil for the insect problem, but if you’re in soil you’re going to have to watch out. If you have a window that gets a lot of sun you could go that route. It would still be indoors but it could get a lot of good light.
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  • 1.713

    chubby441 1.713 points - March 25

    What up 420... I don't do autos... BUT I have done similar things with regs. I use Mother Natures light as much as I can, whenever I can. Acclimate the plants if necessary. You can do this by moving them into more direct light slowly, every day. Should only take a few days to do. You should try your idea, just to see how it works ! I will say, that movin plants around sucks..ha.ha,ha Go for it

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    • Idagrow
      1.626 points -
      March 25

      Especially when your across the street neighbor! But it is a little exciting. :)

    • Idagrow
      1.626 points -
      March 26

      Ha...that makes no sense...should say
      Especially when your across the street neighbor is a cop!...I was stoned :)

  • 1.626

    Idagrow 1.626 points - March 25

    You run a higher risk of bug infestation moving them in and out. That being said...since its a stealth CFL system, I assume it is a closet or cabinet, which shouldn't be too hard to disinfect after the grow. Marlboro had a good idea doing 20/4 instead of 24/0...I believe plants grow better with a rest period. But alot of Auto growers use 24/0...if you have enough plants, try out both...then you will have answered your question, without relying on other growers opinions!...good luck and have fun!  :)

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  • 19.621

    harley24 19.621 points - March 25

    I have found that a light schedule of 18/6 works best with auto's, and i have tried all the other light cycles. The six hours of rest seems to really help the autoflowering strains imo. The plants need rest just like people. You can and will do what you want, but with a 18/6 light cycle you will have healthier plants and better yields. This is what works best imo.  Peace

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  • 5.575

    Texasbob 5.575 points - March 25

    Hey Jesse, first off I agree with the guys who say 18/6 as far as a light schedule, plants do need down time IMO it is the time that the plants concentrate on the development of their roots. I like the mention by Idagrow about bringing bugs into your indoor environment. I had no real direct experience with this but it also seems that the infrequent intensity in the light might have negative effects on the plants. IMO.
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  • 6.419

    king 6.419 points - March 26

    when training your plants 2 the sun will only take a few days.....  my question is when u take the plant back in and put under cfl's.....  the sun has so much power in grows then u put them under the cfl's hardly any power 2 speak of.....  what will the stress of doing that ever day do 2 the plant....

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  • 8.363

    ChAs420 8.363 points - March 26

    id leave em inside or outside dont move em back an forth like that..and give it some sleep time like others mentioned..GL

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  • 12.845

    SanBoisLee 12.845 points - March 26

    Lots of opinions on this but some good advice imo. Your lighting is weak so I think you could benefit from that trick. 5 or 6 hours of good ol sunlight could definitely give you more yield but 20/4 is fine...give them a little rest. I know you don't grow many at a time so you should be able to keep the bugs off. Have fun and good luck!

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  • 4.143

    thisisme 4.143 points - March 26

    I'd add more lights and keep them inside myself. Remember plants grow more in the dark times than they do in the light. They need it. I keep mine at 18 /6.  I used to grow with nothing but CFLs and got decent harvests .  I now grow with LEDs. 

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  • 870

    Tomwel187 870 points - March 26

    Yes I agree with letting them have a rest period. This will help the plants overall health
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