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Well Harley your wish is my command

by TheHealer about December 4 - report

Update on my current grow. I’m in love with AI so I will always grow her. Looking into three new indica strains to grow or even a slight hybrid. So these girls in the front pics are two weeks into flower and the back are 4 weeks. Other couple on outside are less than two weeks. I will most likely have to kick a girl out of the 5 by 5 because it’s getting overcrowded. I expect to yield no less than 2lbs from the three that I choose. I veg most of my plants for 6-8 weeks depending on how I feel about them. I am not afraid to trim the hell of out them because they bounce back 3 times harder at the switch. Any questions feel free to ask. Setting up First RDWC run next go so things will be getting more automated for the sake of life. I need to implement a PH buffer to keep it around 5.8 and things will be pretty nice. The fluctuation in ph is due to water intake, Nutes left over at bottom and sometimes but not lately temp. If you have any questions feel free to ask I’ll try to get to them tonight. Happy growing everyone!
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  • 5.299

    king 5.299 points - December 4

    nice garden u have... 4 weeks in the 2nd picture looking great....  

    • Score: 0
  • 12.330

    SanBoisLee 12.330 points - December 4

    Yep can't beat the strain and your's are coming along nicely. Thanks for the post.

    • Score: 0
  • 16.292

    pipeman69 16.292 points - December 4

    They look great brother!

    Good luck with your rdwc journey! Lots of fun is waiting for you!!!

    • Score: 0
  • 632

    notsohigh 632 points - December 4

    Man they look really good 

    • Score: 0
  • 4.909

    justme 4.909 points - December 5

    You have definitely got a tent full. They look great! Have fun and enjoy my friend!!
    • Score: 0
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