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harvesting habits

by marlboro about October 17 - report

When you're close to harvest does anybody experiment with smoking/sampling in different stages of tric development? Ok so I know I'm closing in on flush within 2 weeks on my tangie and my blackjack. They are both really close around 75% milky. So there were a couple of outer colas down near the bottom of the Tangie there were just hung over from the weight of the buds. You know those ones that were borderline lollipop material, so i clipped them off Saturday and they've been drying in a paper bag since. I smoked some tonight and I'm high AF lol. It's not completely dry but dry enough to spark up. So I'm thinking should I just start flush? Have fun everybody!

Taken this morning! I'm gonna let it go another week then start flush. Enjoy!

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  • 2.438

    bluemm 2.438 points - October 17

    Not unless you need the smoke. Harvest on schedule.
    • Score: 0
    • SanBoisLee
      12.202 points -
      October 17

      Now, now drill sergeant, give him a little leeway, lol

    • bluemm
      2.438 points -
      October 17

      Lol. I thought partaking early was wrong. A good cure is in order... in a perfect world.

  • 12.202

    SanBoisLee 12.202 points - October 17

    I do that just to get an idea where I'm at on an unfamiliar strain. It won't tell the whole story but you can get a clue what you got.

    • Score: 0
    • bluemm
      2.438 points -
      October 17

      Im not gunna even lie I always sneak a taste.

  • 1.823

    Screwstick 1.823 points - October 17

    I will smoke a bowl of it from time to time, it does help with the 'is it ready" decision

    • Score: 0
  • 741

    F1Tinman 741 points - October 17

    High AF makes it sound like it's ready.

    • Score: 0
    • marlboro
      5.705 points -
      October 17


  • 1.996

    RbtAsq 1.996 points - October 17

     If you're getting the desired effects now, harvest now. The longer you wait to harvest, the more the product will lean towards the body buzz, couchlock effect. A lot of times, if you harvest a little early, youll get more of an up, able to do stuff, buzz.

     Growing/ partaking of weed is a personal preference kinda thing. Sure there are guidelines for harvesting, but nobodys gonna knock down your door and take your weed if you prefer harvesting earlier, or later, than the "norm".

    • Score: 0
  • 7.412

    ChAs420 7.412 points - October 17

    marlboro yeah its fine,wont hurt a thing..i do things like sample early too sumtimes GL enjoy

    • Score: 0
  • 16.053

    pipeman69 16.053 points - October 17

    I haven't sampled a bud in like 20 something years! First taste i get Is usually at the trimming table but the real sampling comes a week later.Any pictures of under canopy or actual plant size?
    • Score: 0
  • 2.927

    bill59 2.927 points - October 17

    The last week of my last grow a few buds fell off from moving them in a crowded tent. I just let them dry on a table and tried them a couple of days later. Good "up" buzz with no anxiety or really harsh taste so I knew they were close to chop time (plus trichs were mostly cloudy). How long since flipping to 12/12 on the Blackjack? Mine went 77 days from 12/12 to chop and the weed is great even with almost no cure.

    • Score: 0
    • marlboro
      5.705 points -
      October 17

      Right now it will be 7 weeks this Saturday and I'm thinking start flush next weekend. That will put it near 9 weeks when chop day comes. You smoked any yet?

    • bill59
      2.927 points -
      October 17

      Yeah, we're starting to cheat and take a few puffs. The OGK is already getting that Acupolco Gold taste (at least that is what we call it). The blackjack is just smooth and sweet so far, no harshness with either.

  • 1.278

    Idagrow 1.278 points - October 17

    I can see why you're getting a little antsy...they look great...but at 25% clear they're just not ripe yet...patience usually pays off...not sure if you do 1 or 2 week flush...but 1 week, 100% milky...2 week,90%+ is what I shoot for...just my preference, I like a bit of amber... :)

    • Score: 0
    • marlboro
      5.705 points -
      October 17

      Yeah my grow space is full and I’m trying hard to make some room lol. It’s definitely still a little ‘heady’. I’m going to wait another week before I even think of flushing. I’m still effing high lol

  • 4.757

    justme 4.757 points - October 17

    I haven't tried growing the Blackjack yet but all 4 plants of my Tangie plants went 70 days. I did a 2 week flush starting at the end of week 8. It is a great strong strain. I advise you to have pacience and let her go until she is mature and ripe. Not only will she be more potent, you will also get a heavier yield after harvesting. They add the most wieght in those last 2 weeks of flower. Have fun and happy growing my friend!

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