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Best Strain For Keeping Awake + Numbing Pain

by SoulTech7 about September 11 - report

     Hello Nirvana Culture,


            I am a caregiver for my mother who is currently prescribed Medical Marijuana and it has been a blessing for she is in her 60's, wheel chair bound, on dialysis. The new treatment has allowed old medications to go away and not be needed and the only side effect noted from use is tiredness. I love seeing my mother happy and pain free but I also am sad that when she is in pain and takes her medicine, usually for the next 4 hours I can barely get one sentence across to her until she begins to fall asleep again.

           I understand the need or want in some people who enjoy the occasional nodding or euphoric enriched warm of tiredness and tetrahdrocanniboid bliss, however, even she is telling me she would like a strain for being awake and alert, but it needs to be potent enough to numb pain (she wears a custom boot due to foot pain, charcot foot, and swelling in the ankle, also with a wound that is cleaned daily, which is still open and has been since her last 4-5 skin graphs, (her entire foot was reconstructed.) (Anyone know any good life saving creams that can be used to promote oxygen and blood and cell growth to heal a 2 inch wound on the foot please let me know and thank you in advance.)


             Anyone who has any top pics for someone who is a high tolerance person for medical marijuana, takes it through eating, and consumes roughly, it is difficult to say, maybe 30-75 mg's per day, waaaayyy beyond my high school years would ever dream of doing. She needs this for her foot pain, for well being, and the pain and shock from the dialysis treatment every other day, which I am too, looking for and trying desperately to find an alternative to Dialysis treatment to get off, where this a will, there is a way. I have seen pot cure cancer, tumors, even potent Narcotic addictions, not just by the Rick Simpson oil, but also just by the juicing of the plant and drinking it straight, usually a high isn't even felt when doing it this way. Research Max Igan or Rick Simpson for more information on this.


           Top strains that produce stimulation or not enough tiredness that you fall asleep for a few hours with a very high dosage. 


           Any strains for knockout as well, when severe pain hits.


         Any strains for anxiety, depression, panic attack, (a topic difficult to find for I lean more towards the CBD Hemp strains like Lifter for this relief.)


Thank you in advance for all your kind words and messages, I appreciate it and look forward to reading them and responding, and more,




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  • 12.232

    SanBoisLee 12.232 points - September 11

    I'd love to see you get some good answers but cannabis really does affect people differently. There are some sites that address the various ailments and try to match what strain you need. I think you need to get some different varieties and try them. I really hope you hear from someone that, perhaps, has a similar situation but I'd do some research too. Good luck!

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  • 597

    MrGreen 597 points - September 11

    indicas will make you tired and sativas will be a more up. but every one is different like SBL said. 

    shea butter  is something if seen friends use for there skin to heal when nothing else would work maybe worth a shot.

    my girlfriend likes to eat edibles with thc..just cbd wasnt enuf for her.  

     hope you find something to help

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  • 2.954

    bill59 2.954 points - September 11

    If you can get to a legal state, talk to the bud master at a dispensary for strain info. They should be able to help narrow down the best strains for your mom.

    I have a cannabis salve recipe that my girlfriend makes and I posted in to the recipes section:

    I can't claim that the salve is life saving though. We use it mainly for topical pain but it may help with the wound. Good Luck!

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  • 5.128

    king 5.128 points - September 11

    i need 2 try this, bad back and neck!!

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    • TokeaJ
      2.659 points -
      September 11

      I am with you King! Some days I can hurt head to toe.

  • 617

    myopically 617 points - September 11

    imo, every strain of canna has healing abilities. as mentioned above, everyone reacts differently. if your look for a sativa or hybrid that’s going to fit the bill quick... i might check a site like leafly, and start looking at the reviews and attributes of strains. it’s also a great way to start looking b/c you can start looking at the most popular strains, and they are popular for a reason. nirvana has some nice meds in their cabinet. also, i personally am a member to another board where i gain great medical advice. PM me if interested.
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  • 385

    Weedist 385 points - September 11

    As one of the most popular sedative medical strains around, you can count on Purple Kush to experience a relaxed state of mind and body. Expect a powerful couch-lock, and because of its superb pain relieving quality, this is a go-to strain for patients around the globe. Good luck!
    • Score: 0
  • 6.387

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 6.387 points - September 11

    though i havent grown it yet, ive researched Green Crack and it is on my list to grow because it is known for a euphoric high and uplifting energy. id recommend researching it for yourself

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  • 587

    phoenix 587 points - September 11

    Lemon Headband it is like speed and it work for my back no pain at all ....

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  • 5.734

    marlboro 5.734 points - September 11

    I would try a haze strain. Agree with sbl bro that weed has different effects on different people, but If you’re looking to grow your own grow a couple of different varieties. Any good haze would be what I would recommend to start along with a good sativa dominant hybrid. Good luck
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  • 1.868

    Screwstick 1.868 points - September 11

    A Haze like Marlboro recommenced or Raspberry Cough is another good one. Most of those have fairly long grow periods though.
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