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Snow white stretches a country mile. Solved

by bluemm about September 7 - report

I have 5 Snow White feminized photos. They stretched about 400% oh, they were topped the side branches stretched like a foot and the nodes are spaced out probably a foot I'm very puzzled on how I'ma support this mess. Don't recommend this strain for anyting!
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  • Best answer

    hipoldman 0 points - September 7

    All I can say is wow! and THANKS! bluemm. Won't be buying that strain anytime soon! and good luck with the mess.

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    • justme
      4.619 points -
      September 7

      The genetics I got with the Nirvana's Snow White didn't grow that way. They had tight node spacing. Mine grew just like the White Widow, White Rhino, or any of the other White strains. IDK if these grew this way because of the lack of light or what the re...  more

    • hipoldman
      9.423 points -
      September 7

      A very good point Justme.

    • bluemm
      2.382 points -
      September 7

      Lack of light really, go look at my profile pics!

    • justme
      4.619 points -
      September 7

      Probably some genetic problems with your plants but the Snow White I grew had the same structure as the White Widow and White Rhino. No one is saying you have a lack of light! I still have a jar of it and it is some great flowers. Not all Snow White plant...  more

  • 4.619

    justme 4.619 points - September 7

    Slide a net down over it. That will support the limbs.
    • Score: 0
    • justme
      4.619 points -
      September 7

      You can also tie the colas together to get them to stand up better. I personally would throw a net over it and tie it off at each cola/limb. That should keep it from falling over when it gets some weight from flowers on it.

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