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The medicropper on YouTube

by Nagril about September 6 - report

Check this video out and turn up the volume. This guy squeeses his weed and you can hear in. He is the best grower I have seen on the net. Check out his grow videos. He has been gone for 3 years but he is back. Check out the quality of his bud and how far the 1000 watt hps is above the plants. If you know of a better grower on YouTube, let us know. Grow on with your bad self !

The best weed ever !

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  • 4.585

    justme 4.585 points - September 6

    You can grow as well as him. Once you get your environment and nutrients dialed in it don’t matter how many plants you put under your lights. Last run I got over 1100 grams out of my 4x4 with one light. That is 2.5 pounds per 1000 watt HPS light. You can do the same.
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    • caiman
      7.188 points -
      September 6

      How many plants did you have please? How ling did you veg?

    • justme
      4.585 points -
      September 6

      4 plants in #7 Smart Pots. 10 week veg and 10 week flower.

    • caiman
      7.188 points -
      September 6

      Morning again just

    • caiman
      7.188 points -
      September 6

      Sorry hit wrong button. Thanks for the rapid and clear reply. I also use 7 gallon Smart Pots but my tent is 3by3 so I only grow 3 plants. More room to work plants. I agree find the right combo of stuff for you grow and you can grow quite a lot. Thanks justme.

  • 1.273

    chubby441 1.273 points - September 6

    This dude is good ! He has some frosty strains for sure !!! Did the video say how the plants were cleaned ? Sweet manicure job ! I think it's this same dude that recently took over the head grower position at some facility in Washington state that was in REALLY bad shape . I saw the video about a month ago when he first got there. I haven't seen an updated video yet. This place was FU bad. Bad substrate, straggely plants, little plants, dryed up clones, over ferted plants, was bad ! I give the dude big props for even trying to turn this facility around. I honestly had my doubts if he could do it as fast as he wanted to. And still do ! ha,ha,ha  Peace out Holmes 

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  • 482

    MrGreen 482 points - September 6

    Look at 

    NPKWIZARD Coco grower NPK420 nutes

    SubCool420 grower

    MR.Canucks Grow grower

    medgrower1 grower

    TheDudegrows pot cast 

    cash cropper DWC SCROG

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  • 7.188

    caiman 7.188 points - September 6

    thanks for the share Nag.

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