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White specks that look like salt

by Csinpc about August 5 - report

Of course I was so upset, and wiped them all off before taking a picture. I found a bunch of small white spots on my plant this morning, looks like sea salt, any advise ? Thanks
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  • 5.677

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 5.677 points - August 5

    That sucks. The more information you can give the better chance of getting help. since you dont really give any info to work with you should try to identify the problem using this webiste to narrow the problem down


    good luck! 

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    • Csinpc
      51 points -
      August 5

      Thanks !

    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      5.677 points -
      August 5

      youre welcome. Without more info given and/or a few pics it would just be a guessing game for us. the link i provided has a troubleshooting segment to try and narrow down your problem

    • justme
      4.463 points -
      August 6

      Yea, it is called the Plant Doctor. You can diagnose your plants very easy yourself using it.

  • 2.650

    bill59 2.650 points - August 5

    It could be White Powdery Mildew (WPM). Look it up on the link Sub gave you and you may be able to confirm the cause. Do you have good temp and humidity (RH)? That and good airflow are how you prevent / fight WPM. Make sure you have good ventilation and air movement with an extraction fan and airflow fans.

    • Score: 0
    • Csinpc
      51 points -
      August 6

      Thanks Bill, I think that’s what it is

  • 1.516

    Screwstick 1.516 points - August 5

    Are you doing a foliar spray? It could be calcium, lots of the foliar spray leave some residue on the leaves. I dont see a picture but that would help

    • Score: 0
    • Csinpc
      51 points -
      August 6

      Thanks for the help

  • 4.463

    justme 4.463 points - August 5

    If your plant is flowering you may have wiped off tricombs! That is what you are after! Without a picture and more information about the stage your plant is in (seedling, veg, or flower), lighting used, room temps, what strain, and Rh levels your question would be hard to answer confidently! I would rather give you no information as bad info!

    • Score: 0
  • 20.339

    airplane 20.339 points - August 5

     what stage of growth are you in ?  were on the plant - fan leaves, sugar leaves ? abundence of ?

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  • 5.467

    marlboro 5.467 points - August 6

    Yeah if you are running a humidifier or foliar spray like screwstick mentions you can get the white specks of calcium. When I run my humidifier I get white specks of dust I can just blow off.

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