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Yellowing turning purple leaves

by DreDayExp about August 5 - report

I've been vegging for about two months now in organic soil. I thought it was a mag issue so I did a warm water and epsom salt foiler spray, didn't work. I also feed it yesterday because it was time and I thought it would change things but nothing is changing and it appears to be getting worst nad its only happeing to my top fan leaves around the plant. What am I doing wrong? I used Royal Gold King mix, kelp, neem, alfalfa, and crab, meal. Along with azomite, worm casting and top dressing.

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  • 4.684

    Texasbob 4.684 points - August 5

    Can you post a picture?
    • Score: 0
  • 583

    myopically 583 points - August 5

    yes tex, a few. i’d like to see the container it's in
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  • 4.547

    king 4.547 points - August 5

    try looking at plant problems. post a picture these guys can help a lot b safe

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  • 4.463

    justme 4.463 points - August 5

    Sounds like your concentrating on nutrients more than the environment. If it is only the very top leaves it could be light distance or windburn. A picture would get you your answer. You can also go to and use their plant doctor to diagnose your plants yourself. Good luck and happy growing my friend!
    • Score: 0
    • justme
      4.463 points -
      August 5

      If it is Blue Dream, they trun almost purple as the plant ages through flower. That is just a strain trait. Nothing to worry about with a strain trait! A picture and a better description of the strain, Ph, temps, light, and the Rh would get you an answer ...  more

  • 5.677

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 5.677 points - August 5

    youve been fighting this problem for a while, hmm? please post a few good pictures for us to see!

    • Score: 0
    • SanBoisLee
      11.979 points -
      August 5

      I agree, need to see what is going on. My imagination is on the blink.

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