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Number of branches/Colas

by Beeman about August 4 - report

I'm getting set for another grow; with a number of clones in 3-inch pots, to be transplanted to 3-gallon fabric pots.  I'm not willing to go  the whole exacting "supercropping" routine, bit O clearly want the largest buds.  How many branches should I allow on each plant, well spread out,  for best results?

If it matters, the plants are "Master Kush," from seeds purchased from the nice folks who run this board.


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  • 7.093

    caiman 7.093 points - August 4

    I did a Masrwe Kush from Nirvana and used 8 branches with all lover branches removed. I would recommend a 5 gallon pot.

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  • 15.648

    pipeman69 15.648 points - August 4

    5 gallon pot, top once. Every time you top them buds are gonna shrink on you and your gonna create a Fucking trimming nightmare at the finish line!

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  • 371

    KY5Loud0and2Proud 371 points - August 4

    I like main-lining to 8 and keep all the small stuff off and I usually trim some leaves throughout my entire grow. I just posted some pics of my recent ones during flowering
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  • 4.547

    king 4.547 points - August 5

    i like the 8 number. a 5 gallon pot/bag would b advised. bending tieing. if your not willing 2 wate u do not need 2 b growing. it takes time my friend and having fun doing it. the more fun u have the better u get. i can't keep this off my mind i love doing this    

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  • 1.204

    chubby441 1.204 points - August 5

    What up BEE... 3 gallon pots are pretty small. 8 colas will fill the pot up for sure,. Go for it ! Happy growing  

    • Score: 0
  • 1.514

    Screwstick 1.514 points - August 5

    Did a Fluxing of a Misty Kush that came out ok but I used a 7 gallon bag and if I do it again I would go with a 10 bag. I like mainlines and SCROGing. Unless it’s a SOG or a micro grow I use 5 gallon and larger
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  • 11.979

    SanBoisLee 11.979 points - August 5

    MK is a great smoke but not a huge bud producer for me. But I topped the hell out of mine. I think do what pipes said and then set it up for 8 colas. 3 gal will work and you can always set those bags in 7 gal later if necessary. It will take you a little longer to custom grow them babies but might as well get what you want.

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  • 4.462

    justme 4.462 points - August 5

    If you want the largest buds, 1 cola would be the way to go. It wouldn’t be the biggest yield but it would produce the biggest buds if lollipopped correctly.
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  • 4.328

    ROSCOE 4.328 points - August 5

    I'd stay 6-8 tops depending on how the plant is trained & reacts to topping. Not grown M. K. Indoors but many times outdoors. I can top a couple times & it branches out everywhere making a nice size plant. I'd use a 5 gallon or bigger pot personally if you're planning on vegging it more than 6 weeks.
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  • 7.014

    ChAs420 7.014 points - August 5

    8 is a good number..mainline is a good way to have 8 or so big cola's and also mainlines make the cola's easier to trim at harvest when lolipoped..GL

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