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Sexing a bagseed, the motger

by Jack about July 12 - report

Can u determine sex during veg? Bagseed White Papaya #4, seed was planted about 7 weeks ago, 18/6 in 1gal pot.
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  • 4.376

    ROSCOE 4.376 points - July 12

    Yes you can. Your plant will show sign of sex around 6 to 8 weeks in veg. May vary a little depending on strain. I've grown regs most of my life & I have been letting them tell me instead of forcing. This year I forced sex because I wanted to know what was what because I'm letting some seed. If not for that I would just chop & toss.
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  • 1.349

    chubby441 1.349 points - July 12

    What up J...that's a interesting question...WHEN can you determine sex in cannabis ?  That's pretty much strain and photoperiod dependent. BUT... These days with Autos and Ruds, you got reproductive growth all over board !  So... WTBS  HOW, do you sex cannabis... I know I'm off track a little with this question, but I'm high he,he... anywho, inspect the plant carefully for any signs of stamate (naners) or pistillate (hairs)  Theses growths usually appear first, at the base of a side branch, and at the top of the plant. Males are usually first to show, but not always . Use a scope or mag too. I guess what I'm tryin to say is... a plant can start to show sex at anytime. How you manage it, is what's important .  Time for another PUFF !!  ha,ha,ha

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  • 566

    Dizzajay 566 points - July 12

    Roscoe and chubby have summed it up.6-8 weeks is correct,I find that males usually show first,I normally just look for the hairs.if it grows like a rugby ball,American football,etc etc depending on where in the world you from.its probably male.....with bag seed I would keep an eye on her awhile,sometime it happens that you see the hairs then few weeks later you find Nana's or them pollen other words with bag seeds you have a good chance of coming across a Hermie.... This year a had a beautiful bag seed tree... All on track until I found pollen sacks on the he/she.had to axe it literally.hmmm just realised I'm doing what chubby was doing,I'm going off topic.hahaha I'm high as well..when you need an emoji and the portal don't got......
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    • Dizzajay
      566 points -
      July 12

      That's a beautiful plant by the way.forgot to mention joints out...need a light..anyone?

    • chubby441
      1.349 points -
      July 12

      Nice Diz...

  • 187

    potgrower 187 points - July 12

    Males usualy grow taller so they can polenate females from top. So far all the males i grown had less leaves and more stretch.

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    • pipeman69
      16.084 points -
      July 12

      Sorry my friend but male plants dont pollinate females from on top!
      Once that pollen blows and where it lands, that's how shit gets pollinated.

    • potgrower
      187 points -
      July 12

      Yes but still, if they were short the polenation rate would be much lower.

    • ROSCOE
      4.376 points -
      July 12

      I grow mostly Indicas & they are short by nature. They can be fully pollenated from a male plant a mile away easily. That's why you have to be careful growing outdoors to find a place away from other people growing. Not just to not get caught but not ...  more

  • 1.838

    Screwstick 1.838 points - July 12

    How much longer do you plan to veg that plant? If you force sex a clone it will probably tell you what it is about the time you flip assuming your going for a 8 weeks veg, about 2 more weeks. If your going to flip before then I wouldnt bother forcing sex, just smoke what you have and try not to stress over it 

    • Score: 0
    • chubby441
      1.349 points -
      July 12

      I agree Screw . I wanted to ask Roscoe if he thought the clone, would take a lot longer to sex than the vegging plant. I've never done something like that. I was thinkin that the vegging plant, if left alone, could keep on veggin for a stronger flip !.

    • Screwstick
      1.838 points -
      July 12

      I should let you know I am really stoned and a little drunk so take that into consideration.

    • ROSCOE
      4.376 points -
      July 13

      @chubby411, the mother is 7 weeks and has a established root system. The mother plant & clone are the same age. Theoretically they are should show at the same time. The clone is stressed to some point from being cut & doesn't have the benefit of t...  more

  • 4.760

    justme 4.760 points - July 13

    You can but you really have to be watching it closely and sometimes they will throw so little preflower that you might not even see it except with a magnifying device. It won’t last long either. The best way to sex a plant from my past experience is to take a cutting, drop it in a cup of water, and put it under 12 hours of light and 12 hours of “complete” darkness per day. In a week or less it should show you male or female flowers. It sounds to me like you need to transplant into a bigger pot. It’s 7 weeks old in a 1 gallon pot and you haven’t started flowering it yet? I would say you need at least a #5 pot. If that plant has been healthy this whole time I guarantee you it is root bound or will be before it is mature! How long you planning to veg? 8 to 10 weeks is a pretty good veg period for me. Good luck and happy growing my friend!
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  • 19.354

    harley24 19.354 points - July 13

    You have some good answers, but sometimes these plants will not show you any signs of sex until they have been under a 12/12 light cycle. This does not happen all the time, but sometimes this is what it takes to find the sex. Some strains are quick to show sex while others take a while. Roscoe and Chubby have some really good answers for you, but you just need to know what to look for. There are plenty of articles on the Internet and videos that will show you what and where to look if you need to know. I think maybe you already know, lol.  Peace

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