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Harvest window/final flush for W. Widow

by Jack about May 25 - report

Good morning Portal, hope everyone has a awesome weekend! Today is day 50f since flowers started forming on White Widow in a 7gal fabric pot in organic soil, NFTG nutes , which puts her at 50 days since flowers started forming, and 66 days from actual 12/12 flip, and is a 8 week/56 day strain . Im using a 60x loupe, but i think i really need a 100x to clearly see if the trichome caps are cloudy/full. From what i can tell, most trichomes are cloudy, with a few amber and clear. But the plant is still using water, so i know it's not totally "ripe", im watering every 3rd-4th day now, was having to water every other day in mid bloom. But I know she's close. Can anyone tell from the pics? I also added some pics of a Strawberry Banana thats 33 days into bloom. I can't get over just how frosty this thing is, definitely a Jack Frost special reserve lol. The last one turned out really well, golf ball size nugs with smells of strawberry gum or pixie sticks. However im not 100% satisfied with the taste. I dont think i adequately flushed it. How much water do you use per flush? How long? Straight water? NFTG feed schedule says to flush with their Herculean Harvest (liquid bone meal) and Aphrodite's Extraction (carbon for microbes) as well as slf100 (enzyme/root cleaner). I decided on a 2 week flush. 2-3 watering with Herc/Aphro/slf, 1 watering with only slf100, and the last watering use only pure water , and lots of it. Also, anyone use molasses during flush? Read an article by Ed Rosenthal saying molasses during final flush increases sweetness and flavor of final product
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  • 572

    F1Tinman 572 points - May 25

    It"s all personal prefference but for me once I start seeing amber trichs is when I like to harvest. The more amber the more couch lock you will get.

    • Score: 0
    • Jack
      522 points -
      May 25

      Cool, I'm finding thats my preference as well. Ive been checking the plant with my loupe, however its hard to tell calyx from sugar leaf, and all the sugar leaf triches are amber. ... Do u notice it slows way down on water usage once its ready?

  • 1.093

    chubby441 1.093 points - May 25

    What up J... Yes everything will slow down for sure ! You're exactly right about personal pref too. Have a great harvy !! They look good !   I use humic acid in the final week to promote flushing of nutes . Not sure about molasses. Happy growin

    • Score: 0
  • 5.304

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 5.304 points - May 25

    Wow! awesome pics Jack! Love seeing a fully mature plant! That first pic is insane! nothin but bud!  lookin very ripe! i think your taste, as well as smell will get better with a long cure. reading trichs can be a pain. personally i like to know when i first see flower and start counting weeks

    • Score: 0
  • 4.251

    king 4.251 points - May 25

    outsanding buds u have jack. great grow cure and enjoy. b safe 

    • Score: 0
  • 2.167

    TokeaJ 2.167 points - May 25

    Looks tasty Great grow
    • Score: 0
  • 792

    MissFe 792 points - May 25

    They look beautiful! And from both my white widow grows, you should be damn close. Just a little amber on this lady and she will knock you on your ass haha! Awesome job! Keep us posted :)
    • Score: 0
  • 6.815

    ChAs420 6.815 points - May 25

    awesome looking plants/buds..they prolly tasted better as they cure

    • Score: 0
  • 4.280

    justme 4.280 points - May 25

    Damn Jack Frost, it looks awesome! I use a handheld microscope that goes from 20x to 100x I think. I have a couple of them laying around from over the years. There are about 12 bucks on Amazon. They have a zoom and a focus wheel and a LED in them. I have found nothing better to check my plants with. Your White Widow is finishing faster than my Nirvana White Widow did. Is this a Nirvana strain? If so, it is a great pheno of it! Mine went 10 weeks from flip to harvest. 9 weeks from first sign of flowers. And.... I wish I would have went a little longer for my taste. It really swelled up nicely in weeks 9 and 10 during the flush. Your's looks to be a lot futher along than mine was at 8 weeks. Mine had a great fall fade on it after a 2 week flush. It is a great strain. I may get into some of it this evening.

    • Score: 0
  • 13.073

    stick 13.073 points - May 25

    Its harvest time when you see anber on the very tops ofthe buds in my opinion. Harvesting before that you'll cheat yourself out of additional weight. The photos show nice bud but no way to tell if they are ready without looking through a scope.

    • Score: 0
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