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to those use use general organics.

by myopically about May 19 - report

i’m new at growing weed ‘correctly,’and want to do certain tweaks such as ensuring my thin stemmed stretcher has more strength for heavy buds, etc. i instinctively imagine this would include pming if you’re patient and on step 12 :). thanks.
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  • 5.346

    marlboro 5.346 points - May 19

    Bro forget fimming and think topping. You can fim If you want I'm sure everyone on here has tried it a time or two but I guarantee you they always go back to topping. GO is a pretty decent nute line up but it can get pricey and there's better out there imo. Get a good oscillating fan and run it 24/7 throughout the grow. Topping and LST will keep your plant short and stout throughout veg. Think about adding silica to you regimen for stronger stems and colas. Don't expect your first Indoor grow to be perfect. growing good quality weed takes a lot of practice in finding the system that works best for you. I grew in soil for years and found growing in coco was more to my liking and produced a healthier more robust plant. Good luck!

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  • 13.073

    stick 13.073 points - May 20

    I agree with marlboro on topping instead of fiming unless you are growing Autoflowers then not so much.As marlboro says a good fan blowing on you're plants will strenghten your stalks.General Organics are good. I prefer super soil myself with no added nutrients.

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  • 4.251

    king 4.251 points - May 20

    i use 2 use soil but have found i prefur pro-mix. it is fairly new 2 me i have finished three grows and will not go back 2 soil. b safe 

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  • 1.353

    Screwstick 1.353 points - May 20

    Are you talking about PMing or FIMing? I agree FIMing is a crap shoot for me and the times it did work were disappointing. Topping is a sure bet. If you want stronger branches use some kind of Silca after your done training and/or super crop them and the knot makes them beefy
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  • 498

    myopically 498 points - May 20

    as i always say, i jumped right into growing w/o knowing shit except for what they look like. fiming was a viable way for me b/c it’s easy and fast and can do wonders. keep in mind i’ve only cloned. i have three seedlings now, 2 gsc and 1 ice. i plan to fim one gsc and top the other for experience and depending on how the ice breaks out, i’ll go from there. thanks y’all.
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    • airplane
      20.280 points -
      May 20

      prefer to top - we all have jumped into it that's all part of it - that's how we all learn and still learning.

  • 19.227

    harley24 19.227 points - May 21

    I have no idea what you are talking about, but i have used FIM'ing with good results. You just need to do it correctly to get good results. I have gotten as many as 4 tops from a single FIM when done properly.  PEace

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