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preserving generations.

by myopically about Thu at 2:35 AM - report

quick story. ‘92 grateful dead tour. met a guy, he offered me a hit if his joint, passed it on, then skipped me. i asked for another and he said no, this is 16th gen afghani. wtf? a few minutes later, on my ass. literally for about 20. i’m on 8th gen bubble. it’s a good plant, even if i think it’s picky. should i do a reveg a clone since i took no other clone? i have more seeds too. yes. i like revegging for some odd reason... the will to survive and preserve.
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  • 3.882

    ROSCOE 3.882 points - Thu at 1:58 PM

    If it's a pheno you really like and feel it's a crap shoot to ever find it again or you just wanna save some $. I say go for it. I like revegging because you get tons if clones off the crazy growth. I lost a Bubba Mother that I flowered that I took a replacement "Mother plant clone". Long story short it gave up the ghost. Always take more than one clone especially if you wanna keep it going.
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    • myopically
      278 points -
      Thu at 6:17 PM

      i have one mystery plant that i won’t put down. 7th gen reveg and 2 8th gen clones. i can’t wait to clone from the reveg.

    • myopically
      278 points -
      8 hours ago

      oh, and i take two clones of each plant desired, and in to future i know how to reveg now, so i doubt i'll loose anything i really wanna keep.

  • 20.070

    airplane 20.070 points - Thu at 5:52 PM

    don't understand why folks like to re-veg ?  ddi it once and it  took for ever - once can never re-produce and ordinal strain (true) even if you  sefl it or what ever - there  is some chane in the pheno, many or"orginal" strains and phenotypes (long, short, squat, fast blooming, slow blooming, F1's- F2s" ect)  Grow your clon and take a clone from it ................ let it go to seed ? !!!

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    • myopically
      278 points -
      Thu at 6:15 PM

      i received a link on rhododendrons and how to stress to seed. have not read yet, but it’s in my list.

    • chubby441
      742 points -
      Thu at 7:27 PM

      To AIR...For me when I reveg, it's over the winter with a plant that was grown outside in a pot. After harvy in the fall, I leave some lower buds on and just stick it in the veg room in the corner and by spring it;s ready to go back outside and do it's th...  more

    • airplane
      20.070 points -
      Thu at 9:11 PM

      got you man !! sound like you have it down - is it possible to start some seeds

    • ROSCOE
      3.882 points -
      Sat at 8:31 PM

      I've gotten just as good yields the 2nd time. My 9 on hammer.i mainlines is outdoors and 3 times big as it ever was indoors. so pulled.7 plus zips indoors & it looks like a close to s 2 pounder if everything goes well!

  • 12.739

    stick 12.739 points - Thu at 8:13 PM

    If you enjoy revegging then by all means you should reveg. We are all different and like to do different things. Don't forget to share...... Happy Reveging..

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  • 850

    Screwstick 850 points - Sat at 6:42 PM

    Back in the late 70’s when the talked about multiple generation plants they were referring to a strain that had been breed to itself over and over again with regular seeds and yes it was kick ass. Smoking a strangers shit at a concert in the 90’s that could have been laced with anything
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    • Screwstick
      850 points -
      21 hours ago

      They were lacing it with shit like PCP and not telling anyone back in the late 70's. That shit was not cool

    • myopically
      278 points -
      8 hours ago

      i'll never forget that experience. i'm sure it wasn't laced. i've smoked pure afghani after that, it was similar but not as strong. that's really interesting tho about those kind of generations. maybe one day if i ever have the room and a very dedicated s...  more

    • king
      3.431 points -
      6 hours ago

      i remember hitch hiking outside of el paso tex one evening met 2 guys with a joint. i did leave these guys. oh no laced with pcp never again!!!!!! one hell of a nite in the desert a lone on pcp b safe

    • Screwstick
      850 points -
      1 hour ago

      @King, that’s an ugly piece of Desert

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