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Should i switch to air cooled reflector?

by TonyWeed about April 22 - report

i switched a week ago to 600w HID and i use oldskool open reflector

now from 50-60% humudity i have 30% and 80f

i think its bad for my babies should i switch to aircooled setup wich will cost me 700-800$? i got my setup for 180$

by the way the plant at middle is same old as all others

3 weeks :D

Answers: 6 • Score 0 • Views: 139
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  • 100

    TonyWeed 100 points - April 22

    Do you think they will grow ? or i should get a diffrent light?

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  • 14.674

    pipeman69 14.674 points - April 22

    $700-$800 for an air cooled set up?Where you shopping bro?If you already have one use it!Your HID really shouldn't drop your rh.As your plants get a little bigger your rh will raise untill then you can always use a cool mist humidifier
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  • 3.431

    king 3.431 points - April 22

    if u have a setup now just replace the hood. u can get a cool tube $ 30/40 dollars. you can spend more if u won't 2. b safe

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    • TonyWeed
      100 points -
      April 22

      i earn 7usd a hour

    • king
      3.431 points -
      April 22

      ebay,or amazon just seen one for $40. i under stand the $$$$ thing. use fans until u can do better. that is how i am doing it. good luck b safe

    • TonyWeed
      100 points -
      April 22

      once time is gone you will never it back i guess i will buy cool mist humidifier as pipeman said everything i ever ordered from ebay or amazon i have been waiting months till it come.. i will buy cool mist humidifer cause my plants might die till the backup comes..

    • king
      3.431 points -
      April 22

      i have never had that that problem. i think i will add a window ac 2 help me out. i have a 400 hps 4 flowering it is hot and humid where i live . good luck b safe

  • 100

    TonyWeed 100 points - April 22

    and a tent for 417usd 

    SecretJardin DarkRoom240W

    240x120cm and 200cm height i guess i will need more light

    but my plans are to rent a apt when flowering i ordered more seeds..

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  • 12.739

    stick 12.739 points - April 22

    For $450.00 bucks you can get a standup dual tube portable 14,000 btu air conditioner to solve all your cooling needs. For $130 a whirlpool humidifier/dehumidifier 70 pint to solve your humidity problems. You must have been over exaggerating the cost a bit. A cool hood for your light should be less than $100 bucks with and extraction fan.

    You do need to keep temps below 80 unless using CO2.

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  • 3.645

    justme 3.645 points - April 22

    A new air cooled hood, ducting, in-line fan, and clamps is all you should need to get your bulbs heat out of your grow room or tent. With an iPower cool tube with reflection wings at the most $100 total. Amazon has that hood for $67. I have a $300 6 inch Raptor air cooled hood and only have around $550.00 in my whole lighting system including 1000 watt digital dimmable ballast and 1000 watt Eye Hortilux bulb. You already have the ballast and bulbs that your new hood would plug right into. Your light has nothing to do witty your Rh. You can solve that problem with a Vick’s Cool Mist Humidifier. As pipes said, when your plants are bigger they will sweat and produce more moisture in the air and you will then need a dehumidifier. Good luck and happy growing my friend!
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