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Yellowing( End of Life)

by Cdrombo about April 15 - report

I'm at a point that my plants are 70-90 yelllowing ( regarding fan leaves ) 

I know that yellowing is a sign that the plant is at the end of its cycyle...


Is it safe to say that when the majoity of the leaves are yellow that the plant drinks less water as the yellow leaves are pretty much dead at this point


Trics are cloudy not amber.

This grow was an Auto... im wondering if i shocked it along the way and this is why they are not showing amber at this point...


pretty much every leave is yellow .... so im just wondering.

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  • 742

    MissFe 742 points - April 15

    I wouldn’t say it’s drinking less. Leaves absorb energy from the lights = food. While they do take in water, the stems and buds keep most of the moisture. Shocking a plant doesn’t negate amber trichs. All you can do is be patient and let them finish maturing. Yellowing from the ground up is absolutely a sign the end is near (think fall colors) for the plant, but it doesn’t mean it’s done just yet.
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  • 3.807

    justme 3.807 points - April 15

    Pictures help a lot. There is more reasons than the end of life for yellowing. Could be a number of things. Ph out of the required level, nutrients levels too low or too high, and many other things. Go by your trics for harvest time no matter the color of the fan leaves. If they are mostly cloudy, you are in the harvest window now. That should last a couple weeks. The plant could put on a little more weight until it is fully mature. The last 2 weeks is when the calyzes swell the most. The trics will turn amber at a rate of around 5% per week. You should have a couple weeks of mostly cloudy trics before they start turning amber. I only weight for a few amber to show just to know that the plant is completely mature and through swelling. The more amber you have the more laid back your finished poduct will be. When they turn amber that is the THC degrading! I aim for very little amber just so as to know that the plant is mature. I have heard of some people never seeing amber but I have never experianced a strain that didn't show amber after a little more time. You will always have some clear along with the cloudy and even with amber. Just make sure you are looking at a flowers calyx when looking. The trics on the sugar leaves will turn cloudy and then amber a lot sooner. What strain and how many days has it been flowering? If it is an autoflowering plant how many days has it been growing? These dates are important and Nirvana's recommendations are very close in the right conditions. Good luck and happy harvesting my friend!

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  • 12.910

    stick 12.910 points - April 15

    What tells you the plant is ready for harvest is the condition of the trichomes. All should be clowdy with a few amber on the buds themselves not the sugar leaves. I've had the folage stay completely green with no yellowing and be ready for harvest. Its also normal to yellow up until harvest but just because they yellow doesn't mean its time to harvesy. Check those trichomes with your jewlers loop..Different strains do different things.

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  • 677

    Idagrow 677 points - April 16

    All of your trichomes are cloudy? ...are you planning a flush?...cuz it's time!...give a gentle tug on your yellowed fan leaves, if they come off-take em off!!!...wish we had a picture!!!

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  • 19.118

    harley24 19.118 points - April 16

    If your trichomes are mostly cloudy you may need to thing about starting a flush. When you harvest you go by the trichomes and not the leaves alone. A picture would be nice, but if the trichomes are mostly cloudy this girl seems like she is ready to harvest imo. Peace

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