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Revision - getting feet wet

by Jesse420 about April 14 - report

Hi everyone How do u cure an over watered plants and a plant with over nutrients deficienciesGrowing indoors in the PhilippinesLights: currently with only cfl bulbs (unsure of wattage) Awaiting our 600w led shipmentNo grow tent, situated in my own room. Used root xtenders from nirvana
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  • 3.161

    king 3.161 points - April 14

    over watered let dry out. over nutes flush plain h2o phed. they look very sad. good luck b safe 

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  • 12.367

    stick 12.367 points - April 14

    You should have 20% perlite in your soil for drainage. What soil are you growing in? Put drainage holes in the bottom of your pots. Your soil looks way to wet.

    IMO, you shouldn't attempt to grow until you have gathered what you need to grow. Tent,light,carbon filter exhaust,Circulating fan.proper grow lights(s) Temperature Guage,Humidistat,PH pen to name a few bare requirements. Growing without these things is next to impossible...If you'll study this it will help you greatly.......

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    • stick
      12.367 points -
      April 14

      Don't get discouraged growing is a continuous learning activity. I've been growing since the 70's and still learning..

    • king
      3.161 points -
      April 14

      i started in a cabinet [small] and t5s. i am like mr cash a piece at a time!!!

    • Jesse420
      41 points -
      April 14

      Great feedback from u guys. Thanks

    • stick
      12.367 points -
      April 14

      LOL I hear you king and can relate.I've attempted a window shelf grow,closet grows,in the woods grows but never had a real productive grow indoors until I gahtered the basic equipment.Better equipment better grows.

  • 11.376

    SanBoisLee 11.376 points - April 14

    Those are sad looking plants brother. IDK if you can even bring them back. I would consider getting your soil and lighting under control and starting some new seeds in the meantime. The new light will make a lot of difference but you still must have good soil. Be careful!

    • Score: 0
  • 3.725

    ROSCOE 3.725 points - April 14

    You may have a plethora of problems. None are gonna get solved till it dries out some. I would flush it as Pipes mentioned but your already wet. Did you any perulite, vermiculite or any type of a porous property in your soil?
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  • 14.435

    pipeman69 14.435 points - April 14

    I echo sbl's words!What type of soil do you have available 8n your country?
    • Score: 0
  • 33

    GGW1 33 points - April 14

    That soil looks bad, try to transplant it to a 5-6Ph potting soil.

    Water it once and hope for the best, dont use nutrients other than calcium and magnezium up to 100 / 1mil if you want to use anything before the full veg phase.

    Also a 600W Led light  can be very anoying to look at , i reccomend you atleast put it behind some shield. ( closet, desk etc.. )

    • Score: 0
  • 1.666

    TokeaJ 1.666 points - April 14

    She is very sad, I hope you. An bring a smile back to her. Best of luckThey have your answers
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