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Any grow operations (worldwide) looking for help? Solved

by Bigpapafrock about March 15 - report

Im tired of illegal life, tired of busting my butt for companies that dont care about me. Cannabis saved my life and ive devoted myself to helping other veterans in need. I went from counting 13 pills a day down to just smoking Cannibis and ive never been better. Yet im a criminal where i live. Ive been growing my own medicine, and i want to go bigger. I don't care about money, ive been living on nothing my whole life. Im ready to work, and im ready to help. All i ask for is a parking spot where ill sleep ill sleep in my car. As a wounded combat vet whos been abandoned in life, im ready to take my life back and helping anyone whos been in my shoes is payment enough.Let me be apart of something again...
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    thisisme 0 points - March 15

    Maine is a legal state. Pretty cheap living too.  I'd grow and sell my own if I was back there. Soon.. a few more years to retirement then I am outa here and back to Maine.

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  • 11.471

    SanBoisLee 11.471 points - March 15

    The majority of states have some legal cannabis going on. I don't know if there is some kind of national registery or not...would be cool. If you have a clean record and experience, you should be able get a job in the weed world. Thank you for your service and congrats on kicking the pills. I hope someone can give you a good lead.

    • Score: 0
    • Bigpapafrock
      47 points -
      March 15

      Thanks for the reply, makes me happy im even being heard anymore. This community and lifestyle has changed me. Ive done enough in this world to realize when ive finally found something worth fighting for and learning. Not going to give that up, not this time.

  • 4.497

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 4.497 points - March 15

    man my heart goes out to you! imm responding cause you mentioned worldwide.. weed is legal in Canadia! i own a few canadian stocks and the industry is overwhelmed! might look up north. idk

    best of luck!

    • Score: 0
    • Bigpapafrock
      47 points -
      March 15

      I can always count on you for motivation, even if you dont remember me. I appreciate that, and wont let you down!

  • 742

    chubby441 742 points - March 15

    Cali, Washington state, and Colorado are also a booming cannabis production states. Peace out Holmes

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  • 537

    Idagrow 537 points - March 15

    Thank you Brother for your service!!! Can't promise anything, but I'll send you a pm.

    • Score: 0
  • 1.183

    Hulk 1.183 points - March 15

    Thank you for your service, unfortunately there are many veterans like yourself, give everything you have only to be forgotten. Friend of mine battling cancer for 2 years would go to Vermont and work as a trimmer. Maybe this could be your calling in life to help veterans through this industry. I wish you the best of luck.
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  • 3.431

    king 3.431 points - March 15

    thanks 4 your service for the american people. it's a dam shame this country hopes other countries and can't help our vetes. the very best 2 u. b safe 

    • Score: 0
  • 3.882

    ROSCOE 3.882 points - March 15

    Thank you for sticking your neck on the line for us and your Country. Anyone that takes a chance on dieing for total strangers is a hero in my book. God speed my friend and good luck. Roscoe
    • Score: 0
  • 12.739

    stick 12.739 points - March 15

    Here is a list of legal cannabis states you should be able to get into the industry...............

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  • 409

    vvince 409 points - March 15

    best of luck mate

    • Score: 0
  • 47

    Bigpapafrock 47 points - March 15

    Thanks for the support and help all! Im just glad ive made it this far, im glad i was able to find Cannabis before i was just another statistic. Living in an illegal state is such a drag. Gotta get out of here!
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