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Over watering .... I need help !

by McGrow about March 14 - report

The rockwool is saturated with water. If I keep the pump going all the time will this put oxygen back into the rockwool or can I dry it out. 

Up untill a few days ago the leafs were flat and happy. 

Nutes 700 PPM 

250 watt HPS 2 feet 4 inches above the plant. 

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  • 12.739

    stick 12.739 points - March 14

    Its been a long long time since I've grown in Rockwool..As long as the water has sufficient oxygen it is very hard to overwater rockwool.  If it looks like your rockwool is getting too dry in between waterings adjust it accordingly.
    Keep a air stone running in your resorvour so the water doesnt get depleted of oxygen. Try to keep the temps down below 70 for the water temps which allows more oxygen absorbion. I hope this helps.

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  • 2.268

    Strainwrecked 2.268 points - March 14

    Set them on a towel should pull the water from the cube
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  • 11.471

    SanBoisLee 11.471 points - March 14

    IMO, with that root system you just keep pumping oxygenated water/nutes through it. I'm not a hydro guy but is that a little high ppm for a plant that size?

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  • 537

    Idagrow 537 points - March 14

    What is happening with that plant in the top left corner of picture #1? Doesn't look very happy:( also, you can drop your 250watt HID to 18" , even 16" if you don't have a heat issue. Maybe you are going higher for bigger footprint? If so, think about getting another 250, or bump up to 400watt.

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  • 172

    McGrow 172 points - March 14

    I just wanted to point out the roots are thick white. From my understanding, thick white roots means the plant is getting enough oxygen and if they are not getting enough the roots are thin. As mentioned above, could it be too much nutes?

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  • 718

    MissFe 718 points - March 14

    I’m not a hydro-er, but that doesn’t look like overwatering it looks like the beginning of heat stress
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  • 14.674

    pipeman69 14.674 points - March 14

    When i grew in rockwool/ebb and flow i had ran a simple recirculating system, keeping it under 900 during veg is where i like to be so your 700 is good to go!During flower my ppms hover around 1200 to 1300.When i ran my drip ebb and flow, my timers were set to go off 5x a day for 15 minutes.
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  • 3.645

    justme 3.645 points - March 14

    It is defenately drooping. I am no hydro grower but I wouldn't think you would want your roots exposed to light. That is where I would start out at. Good luck and happy growing my friend!

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  • 4.497

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 4.497 points - March 14

    see i dont think you can really over water rockwool so easily.  it will drain by itself unless it is standing in water. give it a coupe of days of no feeding is my suggestiion

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    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      4.497 points -
      March 15

      gorgeous roots by the way! inside that rockwool slab is a fooking carpet of thick ass roots! and i know you dont expose your roots to the light and only showing them for our sake

  • 19.088

    harley24 19.088 points - March 15

    Those roots need to be in the dark and not exposed to light imo. Rock wool is very hard to over water and you should be using oxygenated water/nutrients to start with. The roots do look good imo. Peace

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