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Toping Solved

by Lexstar about February 11 - report

Since the goal is to develop as many colas on your plants as possible wouldn't you want to keep topping continuously until you go to flower? Or can you top too much? What are the negatives?
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    MissFe 0 points - February 11

    Eventually you hit a point where you may have 64 colas, but they’re small and you would have yielded the same weight had you stopped with 8 mains and let them get to their optimal size. Not to mention stressing your plant all the way into flower would be detrimental to your entire grow.
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    • ChAs420
      6.780 points -
      February 11

      i think if left in veg longer all those small buds can and will get all in how long in veg..imo

    • ROSCOE
      4.291 points -
      February 11

      Yep. If your gonna have a ton of tops you need a big healthy plant to be able to support the branches. I top as little as I have to. On my outdoor grows I top a little more but their quite a bit bigger plants. .

  • 919

    Idagrow 919 points - February 11

    Go to out training your plants/topping...also LST ...and if feeling ambitious, " mainling"...if you have any experience, you can do this...if new or inexperienced, try just a "natural" grow, and work on the essentials...watering properly, feeding as needed, basics on environmental control/management, learning the cycles of your plant, grow area housekeeping...these skills will be necessary

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  • 489

    Lexstar 489 points - February 11

    Yes , just about everything I know I have learned from GWE and you folks here.
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  • 489

    Lexstar 489 points - February 11

    Yes , just about everything I know I have learned from GWE and you folks here.
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  • 15.390

    pipeman69 15.390 points - February 11

    From my understanding the more you top the smaller your buds are gonna get and the mire shock your putting your plant thru which will slow you down a week every time you top!You want more tops then do a scrog bro!You top as little as once, work your branches thru the net horizontally tgen all your shoots on that horizontal branch will grow vertically towards the light.IMO if your looking for more tops this is the best way! Next would be simple lst. Its pretty much the same principle.
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  • 489

    Lexstar 489 points - February 11

    That's what I wanted to know. I was thinking that is what would happen. Don't want any tiny buds. I have SOG netting. I may try that. Thank you for your help!
    • Score: 0
    • pipeman69
      15.390 points -
      February 11

      Anytime brother! And sog and scrog are 2 different methods of growing.
      Sog dont require a net.
      Have a good day

    • Lexstar
      489 points -
      February 11

      Thanks for the clarification. I get them confused. I have some SCROG netting?

  • 4.215

    king 4.215 points - February 11

    i topped everything way 2 many tops want do that again. b safe  

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    • king
      4.215 points -
      February 11

      lexstar go 2 my home page. the cover has been topped,lst,and super cropped. will them buds b to small? good luck b safe

  • 489

    Lexstar 489 points - February 11

    Heck no King. Those are some sweeeet looking buds! I'm hoping my girls are as productive. That was at 8 weeks veg?

    • Score: 0
    • king
      4.215 points -
      February 11

      i do the 8 week veg 2 good luck b safe

  • 5.256

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 5.256 points - February 11

    You would think that more is better but you can have too many colas. Think of it like a job. you can have one job and make good money! or even get a second job and make a bit more money! in theory you can keep getting hired for jobs but at a certain point it wont be productive. sorry for the analogy. its all i got

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  • 19.226

    harley24 19.226 points - February 11

    Most growers will say that 8 main colas on an inside grow is as many as you want. The more colas you have the smaller the buds will be on each cola. I always go for only 8 main colas with my photo period grows so the buds have a chance to become large, dense and sticky. Peace

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