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Zookies!! Solved

by Fleeta Drumgo about February 10 - report

so i recently popped a zookies bean that was bagseed and it ended up being hermie w/ a few male pods. so the finish flower was seedy but good. however one of the clones that i put into flower recently apperas to b 100 % female. Will all the clones i took off this plant turn out fem?


P.S. there was a gsc in the same tent that came out seedy nso i now have a amateur cross of Zookies x gsc. i will def pop these beans because that might b a crazy cross.

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    ROSCOE 0 points - February 10

    The clones should be female but susceptible to hermimg. Your new strain who knows? I believe the thinking is that if a plant herms and seeds, should be female. As far as crossing the 2 they were both females. So I would think it wouldn't matter where the pollen came from if it's from a hermed female. I had a white widow do that and they all came up females but they were all runts. Try one and see. If it works then you have many more but you always risk that herming popping back up.
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    • ROSCOE
      4.291 points -
      February 11

      I meant the seeds were runts. The clones should be carbon copies of the mother.

    • SanBoisLee
      11.837 points -
      February 11

      You get fem seeds but the risk of hermies is always there. You can experiment but bagseeds and herms...I'd feel like I'm wasting time with those.

    • ROSCOE
      4.291 points -
      February 11

      Agree with SBL on this. You are taking seeds that are being "transformed " into females and disrupting mother natures balance. Regular seeds are much more stable. Not saying that regs can't hermie out on you. Hopefully all your clones will be go...  more

    • Fleeta Drumgo
      Fleeta Drumgo
      82 points -
      February 11

      Appreciate it i really want a gsc x zookies cross and dont have the space or knowledge to breed correctly. Especially since zookies seems hard to find in seed. Hopefully this cross comes out good and i can keep it going.

  • 4.215

    king 4.215 points - February 10

    you have a chance 2 swing either way. the clone is the mother plant. so it will do the same as mom. good luck 

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  • 20.273

    airplane 20.273 points - February 11

    clones are  excately like mother, now the seeds off mon( if you pollinate) will be a mix of phenotpes of the male& female  Hermie's are your biggest enemy A clone can get hermied if it's stressed out very badly - the "hermie" gene is all ways there in a seed we sometimes  help in bright it out !!!!!!!!!!

    • Score: 0
    • Fleeta Drumgo
      Fleeta Drumgo
      82 points -
      February 11

      would u consider it too ;late to use the female in week 6 as a mother then?

  • 19.226

    harley24 19.226 points - February 11

    Difficult to accurately say about what the clones would be, but you would think they should be female since they came from a female plant. I got several seeds from my girl scout cookies grow, but none of my plants were male or hermie. Must have been rodilization. Peace

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