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Non auto-flowering autoflower update

by Jack about February 10 - report

Good morning portal, im here to borrow your expertise, again. Pic 1 is the AK48 Auto from Nirvana that didn't autoflower i post about it a couple weeks ago.. I threw it in the flower tent under 12/12 a week or 2 ago, and it appears to be flowering. Not sure how this is gonna go. It broke through the soil exactly 12 weeks ago, i plan on leaving it on 12/12 til harvest. Or since it's flowering now, can i treat it like an auto, on a 18/6 schedule? The other pics are the Tangcicle clone, it's in week 8 (53 days) since the 12/12 flip. The buds are getting bigger and lots of frost. Im checking the trichomes, but honestly I dont really know what I'm looking for. I know i want most of them to be cloudy, but im having a hard time differentiating clear/cloudy. I can say there ard barely any white pistils left on the tallest colas, and maybe 1/2 the trichomes appear cloudy. I may try to post some pictures to see if anyone can help me out. I know its getting close, the guy i got the clone from is running them 45-55 days... Also, i dont plan on chopping the whole plant. The plan is to take the tallest 6-8 tallest colas and let them dry. Lower the light for another week or so (trichomes dependant of course) and finish off the lower buds. Good plan or waste? Thanks folks, im getting pretty stoked, can't wait to be smoking my own Homegrown ganja
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  • 1.075

    chubby441 1.075 points - February 10

    Morning J, If you've got the time and space taking the top colas is fine to do. You might have to give the bottom buds 2 weeks or more to ripen. That Tangie is some frosty shit, it looks REAL close to harvy. For your AK I would stay at 12/12 that way you can't go wrong. Happy growin

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  • 783

    MissFe 783 points - February 10

    Morning Jack! I would personally wouldn’t switch the wonky auto back to 18/6. If she needed the dark period to start flower you may cause her to reveg if you switch back. When you’re looking at the trichs, one you see cloudy it’s like a light bulb that goes off (at least it was my first time) and you’ll be able to see the difference. Make sure you’re checking the calyx and not the sugar leaves. Sugar leaves are very deceiving.
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  • 5.256

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 5.256 points - February 10

    hey Jack!yoi know what youre looking for but maybe its difficult to see. id recommend removing a small chunk of bud put it on a small plate and bring it into a decent area where you can see it clearly with a loupe. this way you can kinda dissect the bud and see them up close. beats trying to hold the plant down

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    • ROSCOE
      4.291 points -
      February 10

      That's a good idea to take a bud and take it where you can go all C.S.I. on it.

    • MissFe
      783 points -
      February 10

      Sound advice right here. It’s much easier to see them and REALLY see them when you and the plant aren’t moving lol

  • 13.044

    stick 13.044 points - February 10

    I suspect from time to time non-Autoflower seeds get mixed in with Autoflowers.Its happened to me...

    • Score: 0
  • 4.291

    ROSCOE 4.291 points - February 10

    I don't know if you got it flowering and you turned it back to 18/6 It might start vegging again. It might be photo dominant? No harm in trying either way. Sometimes they need a jump start. With your trichomes you really need a 60 x loupe to definatly tell if their all cloudy or just some. With your pistils recessed and turned orange you should be real close.
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  • 11.837

    SanBoisLee 11.837 points - February 10

    IMO, you have a nice framework on your ak48 so I would leave it just like it is--with the 12/12 girls. Partial harvest is fine and my guess is that frosty one needs flushed. Looks pretty close but only you can see the trics.

    • Score: 0
  • 19.226

    harley24 19.226 points - February 10

    Imo i would not change the lighting cycle for the auto that would not flower. I have an amnesia haze auto that did the same thing and she is flowering under 12/12 now as well, but i have no plans on changing my light cycle. If you are having trouble seeing the trichs i would buy another scope or loupe, one that i could see better with to determine what the trics look like. I would do this because this is as important as fixing an issue with the plants when they are growing, or maybe even moreso imo. You need to see the trics clearly. You can also look at the pistils and see if they are turing colors and going back into the buds....this is another good sign the plant is close, but the trichomes is the real key. Good luck, and we are looking forward to your next update. Peace

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  • 20.273

    airplane 20.273 points - February 10

    To add - that's another reason not to grow "auto" plants -- you deal with many difucltites - if time is the reason you only save 20 days or so with high electricty rates at 20/4 cycle - but in saying that -They do have a place - 3rd (1st - regular -- 2nd - femminzed )

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  • 4.215

    king 4.215 points - February 10

    nice looking buds u have going on there. i don't do auto's good luck b safe

    • Score: 0
    • Jack
      522 points -
      February 11

      The 1st pic is the AK48 auto, the other 3 pics are a Tangcicle clone. Ththe Tang is my 1st grow, and the AK is my 1st auto

  • 4.247

    justme 4.247 points - February 12

    Awesome looking flowers my friend! Great job! You got this whipped! You can harvest them all at one time or a little at a time. That’s gonna be all personal preference. I always harvest my whole plant mainly because I put them in a 48 hour dark period before harvesting to get the chlorophyll levels as low as possible in my final product and free up my space for another grow at the same time. When I look at the clear trics, they look like glass. When they turn cloudy they look like plastic. I try to harvest in a window where my top and bottom flowers are ready at the same time. I might have a little amber on the top flowers before the bottoms are completely cloudy but I know for sure the plant is mature when I harvest. If your light is not penetrating to your lower flowers throughout the whole flowering period, your not going to get much more weight out of them by harvesting at different times. Will you be gaining enough weight to use the extra electricity and time that it is gonna take? My plants always mature from the top to the bottom pretty evenly. Great grow my friend! Kick us back a smoke report when you get them dry my friend. Happy growing!
    • Score: 0
    • Jack
      522 points -
      February 14

      I plan on stealing your "48 hour dark period " tip, makes sense to me. So basically i want most to all cloudy triches top to bottom, and once i see a few amber triches its time to harvest? It looks like Ik m getting nice solid flowers 12-14&...  more

    • justme
      4.247 points -
      February 14

      Yea. The pistils are an early sign that the end is near but not as important as the actual tricombs. They are what’s going to give you your effects. The pistils are there to catch pollen and then receded back into the calax to deliver it and make seeds. W...  more

    • Jack
      522 points -
      February 14

      Awesome! So im guessing the flowers are about to do some major growing til harvest, which is great news! Ive learned so much this 1st grow, enough to know i don't know shit lol. Im just happy it appears its gonna make it to harvest, and seems really ...  more

    • justme
      4.247 points -
      February 14

      I use the 7-7-7 method. 70 degrees, 70% humidity, and 7 days. It depends on how dense your flowers are as to how long it will take to dry though. Could be 4 days or could be 10. Dry until the smaller branches snap but don’t break all the way into. Then ja...  more

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