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Droopy leaves late in light schedule Solved

by OFFTHATGAS93 about January 11 - report

Does anybody know why my plants leaves get droopy round 10 at night under light so I put in dark bring out at 3am
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    harley24 0 points - January 12

    The reason your plants leaves are drooping is because you have either over or under watered them. They will be fine if you give them enough water to last until the next time you feed them. If you are growing in soil you can use the finger method or the container lifting method to know when to water./feed. Stick your finger up to the second knuckle into the soil and if your soil is dry it is time to water/feed. If you pick up the container and feel how it feels when you have just watered/fed then you know when it gets lighter that it is time to feed/water again. Using the 18/6 light schedule for vegging has always been best ino, and 24/0 is a waste of power imo. Peace

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  • 2.912

    justme 2.912 points - January 11

    Are they in veg or flower. My plants droop a little before the light goes out and about 30 minutes while they wake up when the light come on.. That is just the plant shutting down for the night cycle or waking up for the day cycle. You running 18/6 or 12/12?
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      402 points -
      January 11


    • justme
      2.912 points -
      January 11

      Yea, that is a long time for the plants. That is why I don't veg for 24/0. I think they need a dark period for a couple different reasons. The main one is that they produce terpenoids, different hormones, and grow roots when they are in darkness. The seco...  more

  • 8.168

    hipoldman 8.168 points - January 11

    Plants Droop! That's what they do! They droop when a person over waters them; They droop when they don't get enough water! Hell, they even droop some when the lights go off! as long as your plants don't have a nute burn or nute deficiency? I would not worry too much about it, and good luck.

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  • 11.578

    stick 11.578 points - January 11

    Yes its normal for your plants to droop during the beginning and end of the light cycle. Only worry about it if they stay drooped.

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  • 475

    Nagril 475 points - January 12

    During late veg and the first couple of weeks of flowing all my plants droop real bad at night. They hang to the floor but by moring they pop back up. The further you get into flowering the less they droop. By week 4/5 they do not droop at all. Good luck !

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