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Top, L.S.T. Only, or Natural grow Autos??

by Idagrow about January 11 - report

I have seen many very experienced, knowledgeable Auto growers on here. Have you had any experience growing the slightly longer cycle, bigger sized "super" or " XXL" Autos? They seem to me to be the ones to "experiment" with. I, personally will only LST a short cycle auto. But with an extra 3 -4-6 weeks???? Hmmmm.....God Bless

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  • 3.330

    justme 3.330 points - January 11

    I have not tried any super autos but would love too. Don’t sound much different than a photoperiod plant except for not having to change the light cycle. I only LST autos myself. Those super autos should have enough time to do some HST on though. You should be able to top them at least once in the longer veg cycle.
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  • 11.982

    stick 11.982 points - January 11

    I've only LST'd and supercropped Autoflowers. I've seen others top them but I haven't. My last OG Kush from hind site would have been a good strain to try topping or fiming. You just never know which auto's are going to be monster genetics. The ones I'm growing this grow are nothing like the OG's so far.

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  • 6.654

    caiman 6.654 points - January 11

    Just grown Nirvana autos. Never topped or LST just let them do whatever.

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  • 3.654

    thisisme 3.654 points - January 11

    I have gotten my biggest harvest from naturally grown , no listing autos. I think given enough light most autos will spread out and look like they were LST. 

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  • 5.096

    marlboro 5.096 points - January 11

    From my experience the longer vegging autos produce better. Topping and cooler temps from my experience slow them down by a couple of weeks which in turn produce a much larger plant so long as you’re feeding and watering properly and taking good care of your plant. Imo if you’re spending 3 or 4 months on a plant and you only get an oz or two you’re wasting time and money. I’d much rather have a longer grow period knowing I’m going to get 5 or 6 ozs. Bring on the super autos! I’ve never grown a super or xxl auto because I’m getting good yields from my normal ones by topping.
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  • 11.266

    SanBoisLee 11.266 points - January 11

    Autos are unpredictable at best. I've topped, lst'd, cloned, bred, and I've got about the same yield as just letting them go. We would like to have an auto that produces 8oz of good smoke in 90 days but right now it still takes time and light to produce bud.

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    • chubby441
      576 points -
      January 11

      Hell yes SBL...and a 10 day cure too !!Peace out

  • 282

    Idagrow 282 points - January 11

    Thanks.... How'd the cloning turn out?? Not to good I bet...hee hee...I am wondering about longer cycle autos....And Chub my brother...patience!! Do , 4-6 week cure, or'll notice the difference...PS. I always smoke some from dried to fully cured...And call it quality control!!!  Ha Ha .God Bless

    • Score: 0
    • SanBoisLee
      11.266 points -
      January 11

      Basically, the only reason to clone an auto would be to breed it. They don't grow taller, just makes a bud.

  • 282

    Idagrow 282 points - January 11

    Makes sense...must take them 3-4 weeks in? Do you know where to find pure ruderalis strain?

    • Score: 0
    • SanBoisLee
      11.266 points -
      January 12

      yeah, the plant will be in bloom when you clone it. I'd google it but I believe you can get them through Sensi.

  • 18.961

    harley24 18.961 points - January 12

    If i wanted to go another 2, 4, or 6 weeks i would grow photo period plants. I can use lst on my auto's and do just fine. When i am getting two ounces plus per plant with my auto's i am happy. I am really happy when my grow goes only 12 weeks from seed to harvest and i am getting two plus ounces per plant. I am sure you can do all kinds of training on the super auto's, but i would much rather grow a photo period strain than to wait that long on an autoflowering strain. Peace

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