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by JeffM1955 about January 11 - report

I've been having alot of germination problems.I plant my seeds in Rapid Rooters in dixie cups and they come up fine but then seem to stretch even with the CFL light a foot or so away.I keep clear cups over the cups and mist inside the cup everyday.The seedlings will grow up and then fall over.I try to prop them up,but sometimes they don't servive.I may be keeping the top cup to moist and the light to far away. How close can I get with a CFL in a clip on reflecter?Any help would be greatly appreciated.The stretchy stems are alot of the problem and maybe to much moisture. Thanks.

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  • 4.686

    shloppy 4.686 points - January 11

    Well i got a idea for you if you cant get them more light and some wind from a fan.Sometimes i bend my seedlings around slap them some even droped my window on one last year and hinged it over i do not recoment that thou sometimes they nead some abuse lol.when i plant them into the pot i push dirt upto the true leves or forst round leeves but i dont pack them.

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    • shloppy
      4.686 points -
      January 11

      get the light closer cut the top off the cup if you have to and get a fan on then some.SEriously i bend them around some times it strengthens them but you need to do it before they stretch to fare

  • 94

    Idagrow 94 points - January 11

    They are being light depraved, and stretching to light source.CFL's should always be 4-6 in. away as long as not too hot. Slight offset breeze will help with any heat and strengthen stem. CFL's are low heat, low lumens...get them as close as you can, even seedlings. God Bless

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  • 13.672

    pipeman69 13.672 points - January 11

    When I'm going thru my germinating process I use cfls and keep them about 6" to 8" from the top of seedlings. I do use a DIY CFL fixture I made that holds something like 10 - CFL bulbs. I would scratch the idea of covering the plants with clear plastic cups really not beneficial at this point and only creating a barrier between your lights and plants.As far as misting? I dont think its causing your problem but I Never misted a plant in my life so needless to say your adding a step that you dont have to.
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  • 3.365

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 3.365 points - January 11

    CFLs can get up real close! 5 inches or so!

    Rather than prop a seedling up, maybe you can bury the stem a little deeper for support

    also once theyre a few days old they need to be aclimated to their regular environment so i'd think the humidity dome should be off by that time

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    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      3.365 points -
      January 11

      also, you want to remove the dome a little at a time to get it used to the environment. crack it open for an hour at a time. then gradually remove it altogether

  • 11.578

    stick 11.578 points - January 11

    Sounds to me like you need more light for your seedlings and a fan blowing to make the stems strong..If the do stretch you can bury them deeper in the pot. The stem itself will actually grow more roots.

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  • 8.168

    hipoldman 8.168 points - January 11

    Jeff, Get rid of the dome, bury the seedling up to about 1 inch below the leaves, and drop your CFLs down to about 2-4 inches above the seedling! This will cut down on the stretch.

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  • 981

    JeffM1955 981 points - January 11

    Thank You,everyone.

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    • chubby441
      364 points -
      January 11

      JM ...Nuthin worse than losing seedlings. You got GOOD answers above. My question to you is. What changes are you now going to make in your set up ?

    • JeffM1955
      981 points -
      January 11

      Ive already removed the cups,stopped misting,buried the stems leaving just a inch above ground,and lowered my light.

    • JeffM1955
      981 points -
      January 11

      I also have a fan on them now,blowing gently

    • hipoldman
      8.168 points -
      January 11

      Jeff, Don't completely stop misting! Just mist 2 or 3 times a day for the next 2 or 3 days, then you should be able to stop misting if you want.

  • 6.531

    caiman 6.531 points - January 11

    Closer than a foot about 4". Try T5 and go close at 1-2"

    • Score: 0
  • 981

    JeffM1955 981 points - January 11

    I also had the cups on a warmer pad and kept the top cups soaked with water and lights on 24 hours.

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  • 981

    JeffM1955 981 points - January 11

    Is there a way I can save all these answers or is it saved on my page or anything.

    • Score: 0
    • JeffM1955
      981 points -
      January 11

      I see itits in My Questions.

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