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Nutrient high way.....

by Dizzajay about December 7, 2018 - report

So these are the nutrient high ways still under construction the moment about as thick as a lighter.i want them to be as thick as my wrist when I'm done.still plenty vegging time......oh ya forgot these are the wonderwoman ladies
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  • 3.645

    justme 3.645 points - December 7, 2018

    Nice training! My Wonder Woman plants all had large stumps when I harvested. The more you stunt the top with topping, fimming, or super cropping the bigger the stalk will get. I love my cured Wonder Woman finished product. I have heard another report that said they didn’t like the strain but they must have gotten a different phenotype than I did. I got 20 zips from one plant in a 4x4 Scrog. It had very little stretch to it in preflower. After growing 3 of them before the last 1 plant scrog I knew what to expect with the stretch so I put my HPS bulb in and kept it 30-36 inches above my canopy until the preflower stretch was over to get more plant height and material to flower and then I dropped it down to 24 inches above my canopy for the remainder of flower. Good luck and happy growing! Please keep us updated on your grow and give us a good smoke report after curing if you don’t mind my friend.
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    • Dizzajay
      472 points -
      December 7, 2018

      Will definitely keep you guys update.this is my 2nd time growing wonder woman.and I for one really enjoyed the 1st plants I grew.will do a smoke report this time round.

    • justme
      3.645 points -
      December 7, 2018

      Thanks my friend! I still got a large c-vault still full and a jar about half full of my last Wonder Woman grow and I am still enjoying it. Happy growing my friend!

  • 20.070

    airplane 20.070 points - December 7, 2018

    Keep us posted . sounds like you have it down, do you use hps ony on transition ?

    • Score: 0
    • Dizzajay
      472 points -
      December 7, 2018

      Little lost air.hps?do you mean high pressure sodium bulbs?I grow outdoors considering doing an indoor grow.but once the outdoor season is I don't use hps.....

  • 4.496

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 4.496 points - December 7, 2018

    good looking trees you have there!!  did you ever get and tomato cages?

    • Score: 0
    • Dizzajay
      472 points -
      December 7, 2018

      Hey SBL .no haven't bought tomato cages yet.but I have bought fence which I will make my own cages out of.its cheaper and I can make the cages as big as I the moment I'm still training and I think they still a bit to small to be caged. Maybe in th...  more

  • 707

    hydrogirl629 707 points - December 7, 2018

    You'll love it when you're plan comes together..Can you tell my parents forced A-Team on me..

    • Score: 0
    • Dizzajay
      472 points -
      December 7, 2018

      Hahaha I can tell now.....I also do love me some A team. Especially Mr T

  • 19.088

    harley24 19.088 points - December 8, 2018

    Very interesting. How long do you plan on vegging these girls? It may take a long time to get the main stalk as big around as your wrist imo if it will get that big. I do like it when people experiment with different things like this. It helps everyone learn more about how these plants grow and what they can take from us humans. I wish you the best. Peace

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