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Drying problem

by Bear84 about December 7 - report

Ok guys I know I asked a lot of questions this is my first grow I cut my plant 3 days ago and my buds are pretty crisp just seems to crisp if I squeeze them some pistoles break it’s got a little crunch but the stems tell me it ain’t ready they still bend have I messed up???
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  • 1.779

    king 1.779 points - December 7

    three days is 2 soon imo. sounds like they r drying 2 fast. imo good luck

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    • shloppy
      4.301 points -
      December 7

      i agree

  • 634

    RbtAsq 634 points - December 7

    Put it in an airtight container. Wait 24 hours, recheck. the moisture in the middle will work its way out to the drier parts. It sounds like you're drying too fast.

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    • Dizzajay
      253 points -
      December 7

      Agreed.its not 2 as RbtAsq will be fine

    • Bear84
      65 points -
      December 7

      Then do I take it out and keep drying or straight to care

    • Dizzajay
      253 points -
      December 7

      Depends on howmuch moisture you draw out.normally I pop a lil humidity monitor thing in the jar with the herb.if it says 70% after a few hours in the jar with the leave them in the jar and let then start curing.if it's more then I'd dry more, then...  more

  • 8.034

    hipoldman 8.034 points - December 7

    You are drying them way too fast! It should take about a week to dry. The stems should crack when you bend them. You will need to control your RH and your heat. Also drying too fast will make your buds taste harsh, and taste like shit.

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  • 2.751

    justme 2.751 points - December 7

    I use the 7-7-7 method. 7 days, 70 degrees, and 70% humidity. It usually takes a few more than 7 days but you want your stem to snap but not break completely into. If you jar it with it too wet, there is a chance you could end up with mold in your jars. The moisture with work it’s way out from deep inside the nugs and they will be consistently dry evenly throughout the nug after your cure. Better a little dry than a little wet when jarring it up for curing! Good luck and happy finishing my
    • Score: 0
    • justme
      2.751 points -
      December 7

      My friend!**

  • 3.045

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 3.045 points - December 7

    if the stem doesnt snap off the bud is not finished drying. Dry @ 70% humidity for 7 days (sometimes longer)  70 degrees f.

    • Score: 0
  • 548

    hydrogirl629 548 points - December 7

    I haven't gotten my first grow even near harvest yet but a skilled grower here on the wp told me to do the same thing justme is telling you. 7-7-7 7days,70 degrees,70 % humidity .

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  • 19.584

    airplane 19.584 points - December 7

    the 7-7-7- rule does work well. but I have found that some plants need only 4-5 days drying, even tho you feel that plant is dry once in jars it will get moist. once you feel it's day  and have "snapped" the stem it's ready to cure. Not to worry once you have a few drying's under your belt you will do just fine. Curring is the most important thing we do and a 30 day cure (+) it ready to smoke, the longer the cure the better off you wil be. Uf you can't waite 15 day cure is the minumin cure.

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  • 65

    Bear84 65 points - December 7

    So put it in airtight jar and monitor humidity and it should be ok and and not crunchy on the outside is the best thing I should do sounds easy enough
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    • justme
      2.751 points -
      December 7

      It will also tighten up and get more of a spongy consistency throughout the nugs the longer you cure it. Curing is the most important process in my opinion! You should really study how to burp your nugs and how offen.

    • airplane
      19.584 points -
      December 7

      agree _ you can grow plants with god yields - and if it's cured wrong/poorly it's crap !!!! curing the ice-ing on the cake

  • 18.688

    harley24 18.688 points - December 8

    Well, you have been told the buds have dried too fast. You have also been told about the 7-7-7 method, but sometimes it is difficult to dry your buds for 7 days without them getting too dry, and sometimes it is hard to dry your buds in an area that has 70% humidity. So you must improvise and make it work the best way you can. If your stems are still mot snapping you can load the branches with the buds on them into an air-tight container and see if the buds will get moist again from the moisture in the stems. If that does not work you can cut the buds from the branches and place them in a jar. You can slice some regular potatoes about 1/4 inch thick and place a slice in each jar to add moisture back to the buds. The potatoe will not add or take away any smell. What it does is add moisture to the buds. Now you need to check your jars of buds every hour to ensure the buds do not get too moist. When they feel good to you and are not crispy any more you remove the slice of potatoe and close the lid. You will need to open each jar twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes each time for a week. The second week you will need to open the jar once a day for the same amount of time. After the second week you can open the jars once a week for a few weeks and then once a month. You can cure it as long as you like. Good luck. Peace

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