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Reveg ....again.

by chubby441 about December 7 - report

Any BBall fans out there? Is Duke frickin good or what !! Anywho, these are before and after pics on a reveg. of a GTH/BD clone. On 11/15/18 I harvyed these 2 plants and placed them in a 16/8 photo, under T-5 lighting. No water no anything for 2 weeks .  I aerated the pot with a bamboo stake and watered with an org tea at 2 weeks. So today makes 22 days of 18/6 photo and they're starting to do their thing . I'll leave them alone for a few more weeks before I root prune and repot. . Later gators

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  • 4.301

    shloppy 4.301 points - December 7

    thery diong good took me a month to see ennything on one 1.5 on another and the third just sits ther and slowly dyes off. i have low watts and cold to deal with thou.They should start going nuts on you!

    Thanks for update!

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  • 3.045

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 3.045 points - December 7

    reveging takes for EVVVVER. puts out some weird growth. sometimes its not so good. not always worth the time and resources 

    Thanks for the share!

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    • shloppy
      4.301 points -
      December 7


    • king
      1.779 points -
      December 7

      yes i agree. i have done it lot of time and loss of real a state good luck

    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      3.045 points -
      December 7

      I had a lil superskunk that i reveged and after about 4-5 months of veg it was the prettiest little bush tons of branches not able to support a decent bud. BUT! i got alot of popcorn buds for hash.

  • 19.584

    airplane 19.584 points - December 7

    re-veged a bud once and got a very good plant - too much time in re-vegging that's why folks clone

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  • 548

    hydrogirl629 548 points - December 7

    I'm far,far, from an expert but I recently read it takes twice as long to get a harvest from a reveg plant than it does when  using a clone. I don't remember the sourse,I've been reading from multipal publications but I think it was

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  • 4.888

    ChAs420 4.888 points - December 7

    agrees..reveging usually takes quite a while to get em goin agin..i have had a couple strains i made that started reveging in a couple weeks..i had stuck it under lights back in a corner and wasnt paying attention to much and was just seeing if it would go and sure enuff it took off quite fast..trimed off some of the brush inside it and got some good limbs sorted out..was good stuff..again

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  • 18.688

    harley24 18.688 points - December 8

    Imo this is just a waste of time, but not my time, so go for it. This takes a long time and the yield is not really worth it either. You really dont get your time, work, etc. back out of it when you harvest again. I can understand you doing this, and it will teach you a few things. If you have the room and it makes you happy i guess that's all that matters. Good luck. Peace

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