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12/12 Solved

by OFFTHATGAS93 about December 6 - report

Got tired of wiping down leaves mildew pores keep coming out humidity I can not control at the moment only using a fan will my buds still get bigger with powdery mildew ? All hairs are mostly orange
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  • Best answer

    stick 0 points - December 6

    Chop them down,do whats in this video. Disinfect everything in your grow. Don't forget the floors,pots inside and out and anything that was in your last infected grow.Don't forget the lights..Otherwise it will rear its ugly head next grow................

    • Score: 0
      343 points -
      December 6

      Gl I'm going to bleach everything

  • 4.888

    ChAs420 4.888 points - December 6

    are you sure your not trying to wipe off the trics?

    • Score: 0
      343 points -
      December 6

      It's powdery mildew not trichomes I get mildew on top of the truchomes

  • 1.779

    king 1.779 points - December 6

    if your buds don't have mild chain saw time mild will ruin your buds  imo good luck 

    • Score: 0
  • 253

    Dizzajay 253 points - December 6

    Chop them bro.that mildew seems to be getting worse.if I was yoybid cut my losses before that stuff gets on the actual a proper budwash as well. Lemon water in 1 bucket ,baking soda in another then plan water in the tube has good videos on how to budwash and the topic has come up in the site many times before.......
    • Score: 0
    • SanBoisLee
      10.858 points -
      December 6

      I believe this is your answer.

      343 points -
      December 6

      Wo flushing? I want smooth smoke

    • Dizzajay
      253 points -
      December 6

      Don't stress about the king said the mildew is a bigger problem and can potentially ruin the smoke.just slow dry and cure them buds good.i personally never flush.just a nice long cure......and slow dry

    • SanBoisLee
      10.858 points -
      December 6

      You can't afford to flush with your PM problem. If you have access to a flushing product like Clear X or something, that might give you a quick flush.

  • 2.137

    HydroKid 2.137 points - December 6

    Dehumidifier and more fans is your best bet at this point. I agree with SanBoisLee and Dizzajay, cut her down. I know your looking for smooth smoke but mildew and mold will be worse than a poor flush. Sorry my friend.
    • Score: 0
  • 2.751

    justme 2.751 points - December 6

    I can see spots of heavy PM. I'm in the cut it down, disinfect, and start over boat. You might want to think about making edibles or another finished product out of this harvest if there is lots of mildew on all the flowers. I wouldn't smoke it if it was mine and I had a good stash to keep me going until I could harvest again in 3-4 months. I don't grow my own to smoke powdery mildew! I would possibly go buy some from a friend that I know grows quality flowers before smoking it if it is really badly covered in PM! The quicker you cut your looses and start over, the quicker you will be running at full strength again! Might want to invest in a dehumidifier soon. If I'm not mistaken you was growing outside wasn't you? I see that it is inside now. I hope you get problem under control very soon! Good luck and happy growing my friend!

    • Score: 0
  • 19.584

    airplane 19.584 points - December 6

    If all pistals are amber - plants ready for harvest - start a flush other thna that the experts answered your question

    • Score: 0
      343 points -
      December 6

      I just flushed her had no problem doing it because last crop had much worse powdery mildew buds were not too harsh they swelled up after

  • 18.688

    harley24 18.688 points - December 6

    I have already told you what i would have done with this grow, but i give you credit for trying to hang in there. The mildew is nasty and has to be gotten rid of before you can dry cure or smoke this stuff.........if you can even smoke it. I know i would not try smoking any of it, i would get rid of the entire grow and start over. I know it is a difficult thing to do, but sometimes it is best to be safe than sorry. The best of luck to you. Peace

    • Score: 0
  • 1.707

    bill59 1.707 points - December 6

    OTG, remind us please: you are growing outside, right? No way to control humidity will be really frustrating. Is there any way you can move inside and use a dehumidifier in the future? You grow great looking buds but struggling with wpm is probably a losing battle if you can't control RH.

    • Score: 0
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