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Problem with Raspberry cough seedling. Solved

by Happydog about December 6 - report

Hi fellow growers. I'm having hard time with these three. The first one look arlright but grow very slowly like the others. The 2nd one completly stopped growing new sets of leaves and the third one look bad... So does anyones knows what problem i m dealin with? There are 2 other comin and wouldn't want to repeat the mistake that bring me that mess. Thanks for answering and Happy growin!
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    stick 0 points - December 6

    They look good to me. Try to not over water and be patient. They will come around.Its it possible for them to pass up the faster growers mid grow.It happens. In future questiond try to provide more information like grow media,type lights,temp.humidity etc.

    Happy Growing....

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  • 634

    RbtAsq 634 points - December 6

     First, they look pretty wet. Unless you just watered, I would let them dry out a while.

    I would also put a fan on them, to strengthen those stems.

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    • Happydog
      320 points -
      December 6

      Ok RbtAsq maybe you re right and those needs some ventilation gonna have my clip fan move air around. Well thanks for answering gonna try this and wait a bit, then gonna go back on this post to comfirm if things are going well. Happy growing!

  • 59

    OklaHomeGrow 59 points - December 6

    First 2 look fine. Third is a runt. Just pull it. Sometimes it just happens that way.
    • Score: 0
    • Happydog
      320 points -
      December 6

      So you would say there'se nothing to do with it. I'll still wait a bit to look how it will goes. But maybe you're right.

    • OklaHomeGrow
      59 points -
      December 6

      Since the other two are fine. My opinion is that it was a dud.

    • justme
      2.751 points -
      December 6

      If it germinated it isn't a dud bean. Duds don't germinate. just saying

    • OklaHomeGrow
      59 points -
      December 6

      Genetic weaklings are duds. Just saying.

  • 858

    stump 858 points - December 6

    we really need more grow info. IE lights, medium ect.

    • Score: 0
  • 4.888

    ChAs420 4.888 points - December 6

    they look healthy really..sometimes seedlings may stop growing up top and make ya wonder but are building up root system..then they will take off..dont kill em yet..and dont kill em from over watering or to much nutes from tryna get em to grow...GL i think they will be ok before long..

    • Score: 0
  • 4.301

    shloppy 4.301 points - December 6

    The first one looks verry good the second one looks like it is toped if so it shuald put off 4 branches eventualy the third one just looks a little behind.How old are they?how worm are they they grow slow cold i cant keep myn worm this time a year. I belive they will be fine.

    • Score: 0
  • 253

    Dizzajay 253 points - December 6

    They look to me.the 3rd one is definitely behind.but it may suprise how big are the containers they in?looks like a lack of space to me.check the bottom,see if the roots have reach down there.remember mj has a tap even them lil seedlings could be root bound already since those containers look tiny to me....have a look at my post on the surprise auto.she was the runt of the litter.but caught up very quickly once she really started to grow.....
    • Score: 0
  • 1.779

    king 1.779 points - December 6

    they look good 2 me. what tempture cooler temps will slow them down. if u have the room keep all of them. sometimes the rutt will b the best smoke imo good luck   

    • Score: 0
  • 548

    hydrogirl629 548 points - December 6

    I'm a first time grower too and I have to tell you yours look better than mine.. I was over watering mine I was told. Also check the ph,mine got off and I thought I was doing it right. 

    • Score: 0
  • 2.137

    HydroKid 2.137 points - December 6

    Raspberry Cough is a tricky grow. I’ve ran several of these a while back and I had some slow starters just like your smaller one. It turned out to be the best producer. As stump mentioned above, lights are key, grow medium and water cycle. You have no browning or signs of nute burn on the tips. Depending on the light I’d bring it in closer and just looking at how dry the tray is around your seedlings I’m going to guess low humidity. How old are these seedlings?
    • Score: 0
  • 19.584

    airplane 19.584 points - December 6

    Nothing is wrong it may be a slow strater - dp you use a root stimulator ?

    • Score: 0
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