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T-5 retro fit to LED's

by chubby441 about October 11 - report

Hey All, I was at Lowes the other day and bought 4 T-5 48 "LED replacement bulbs to replace my current HO Floro bulbs. They are a little brighter, use 24watts of power for 54 watts of output, and hopefully will last a lot longer . I'm probably going to replace my other (2) four bulb fixtures too . Just a heads up for ya . Oh yeah, they cost about $14 bucks each. 

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  • 10.584

    SanBoisLee 10.584 points - October 11

    Well let us know how it goes coz I have a six bulb unit. Are they veg and bloom or full spectrum? I'm skeptical like Bob but, if you think about it, that's not that far out. I'd like to see a par meter comparisson. Thanks, I'll have a look!

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  • 409

    OldFart 409 points - October 11

    How cool is that!  I'm showing my age.  I'm sure you will suplement them but in the mean time, I'd like to hear what you think as time goes by.

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  • 5.368

    FREE ! 5.368 points - October 11

    I’ve switched my 4 bulb fluorescent unit to led mainly cos they last longer & cost less to run. They seem to be helping small plants veg quicker & healthier but early days yet.
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  • 172

    Heisenbergproj 172 points - October 11

    I work in the electrical supply business and use a trusted lighting company's grow bulbs. Theyre t8s but you can easily change your tombstones from t5s. Maxlite L18T8SE415I would be wary of anything bought from lowes or the depot as they generally have subpar productsThey also make true led grow lights but i priced one out and it was 1200 plus i would have to mark it up on myself. Always check lumens when comparing led to flourescent as leds appear brighter to the eye but may not actually be as bright
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  • 493

    Hulk 493 points - October 11

    You get what you pay for with the lights in my opinion it's cheap for a reason and expensive for a reason. Hope it works out for you.
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  • 114

    chubby441 114 points - October 11

    Great responses from knowledgable people . It's amazing the amount of info you can get on here . I'll update my results with these new bulbs . Thanks again ffor all the input .

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  • 18.485

    harley24 18.485 points - October 11

    That's good info, i bought my T5 HO bulbs at Home Depot for about the same price. Either place will work. PEace

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