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by Epiphany57 about August 9 - report

How long does it take a seedling to sprout and how much water in the first stage?
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  • 3.660

    shloppy 3.660 points - August 9

    Usualy 2 or 3 days but it depends i have had them take around 2 weeks when it wasent verry worm.grow medium moist so they can absorb what they nead not soppy weet youll drownd them good luck on your grow Epiphany57.

    Youll have more other ideas and opinions so give it time then you decide :) 

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    • Epiphany57
      19 points -
      August 9

      It has only been 2 days. I will keep hope that they will pop. Out of 4 I pray for at least 1 Thanks!

  • 638

    GrowNerd420 638 points - August 9

    3-5 days is typical, sometimes longer. I start seedlings in 16 oz solo cups, mist the top of the soil when planted, when the seedling comes up through and is looking straight up at the light I give it 2 oz of water from a shot glass, that will last a few days. I water 1-2 oz of water at a time until theyre like 2 weeks old then I let it dry out and fully water. Fully watering within the first week can easily drown seeldings and suffocate unpopped seeds or cause mold.

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    • Epiphany57
      19 points -
      August 9

      I planted in styrofoam cups and watered the soil first then I made a hole about 1/4 inch and dropped the seed and covered it, and poked holes in the bottom of the cups. I'm just using sunlight now.

  • 678

    TokeaJ 678 points - August 9

    I have had seeds take a weekI have had my best success with rapid rooters I understand a lot of money is sitting there
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    • Epiphany57
      19 points -
      August 9

      Is it to early to add rooting Hormone?

  • 13.208

    pipeman69 13.208 points - August 9

    2 to 10 days would be my guideline but let me ask, what was your germination method?

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    • Epiphany57
      19 points -
      August 9

      Paper towel, but then seeds fell on the floor from wind after maybe 16 hours and 2 of the seeds turned green.

    • pipeman69
      13.208 points -
      August 9

      Well I'm not sure wind would be a good thing during germination especially using the paper towel method! Once that tap root gets destroyed, game over!
      Now my suggestion is to read allenpro's answer to your question. I germinate my seeds pretty much the sa...  more

  • 18.485

    harley24 18.485 points - August 9

    The way you are germinating your seeds it could take up to 7 days for them to pop. Make sure you keep the soil moist and not soaking wet or you will drown the seeds. When the seeds pop you still want to keep the soil moist and not soaking wet. When they start growing upward you want to water them in a circle around the base of the seedling, just around the base and not the entire container. You will widen your circle of water as the plant grows. PEace

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  • 2.362

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 2.362 points - August 9

    I think the more information you give, the better help you will get. In my opinion you dont need any rooting hormones since you have no roots. Besides, any nutrients this early in the seedling stage wont help and will probably harm. I see you did the paper towel method. You say your seeds turned green???

    I sent you a link to guide you.

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  • 10.642

    stick 10.642 points - August 10

    Different strains have different requirements. Depends on the grow environment.....

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  • 4.256

    ChAs420 4.256 points - August 13

    the rapid rooters i get are already moist ..i put the seed in and put a lil piece of rapid rooter over the hole and use a dropper to add a couple drops of water..ive never had to soak them or anything like that..just keep em a lil moist and you can put a dome over them too if u want ..i dont always..once the roots start showing i put in bigger container..always werked for me..GL

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