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For the thousandth time: WHAT STRAIN TO BUY? Solved

by OldFart about July 11 - report

I'll soon start my next grow and I wonder if I should stay with Aurora or try something else?  Part of me says to perfect an Aurora grow, I know it's foibles.  Part of me wants a new adventure.  I want a strain with similar medical traits.  I haven't even tried the Aurora yet, it's still curing.

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  • Best answer

    Ronp 0 points - July 11

    My recommendation would be to pry open a jar and try your Aurora, cured or not. Then you can better access what you like and what works medically for you. Otherwise it's simply someone else's opinion.
    • Score: 0
    • Ronp
      370 points -
      July 11


  • 11.260

    stick 11.260 points - July 11

    Is this a question? or a Try Girl Scout cookies, Or one of the Hazes...How about Maui-Wowie one of my all time favorite.......Or how about blue dream

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  • 62

    notsohigh 62 points - July 11

    I order something different everytime just to try something different my next order will have ten different ones

    • Score: 0
    • OldFart
      424 points -
      July 12

      TEN? Holy crap! How much can you consume? How many friends and family do you have or are you commercial grower?

  • 131

    McGrow 131 points - July 11

    Auroa is my foverite too. I believe it is better than GSC. I am running on GSC clones but will buy Auroa when it goes on sale. I stick with strains that flower in 8 weeks or less. For what ever reason ther are no seeds on sale this week. 

    • Score: 0
    • OldFart
      424 points -
      July 12

      I originally bought Aurora because it was on sale and I liked the properties.

    • greengrower
      3.939 points -
      July 13

      I think the sale may be replaced by the free autos with purchase

  • 1.607

    Monkeywrench 1.607 points - July 11

    Bluedream, bubblishes,blueberry,bigbud,afgan skunk,cheese,ak48,there's alot pick some and have fun
    • Score: 0
    • OldFart
      424 points -
      July 12

      Some? I got room for one plant. So, my next 5 attempts will be the same.

  • 6.430

    caiman 6.430 points - July 11

    For the 1K time what suits you. Personal perference.

    • Score: 0
    • Odin
      2.890 points -
      July 12


    • OldFart
      424 points -
      July 12

      And how the hell should I know without consuming such? Aurora has a set of properties. I would buy something with similar leeast on paper. You might say after using Aurora and a bunch of others that you recommend "XYZZY". But...  more

    • shloppy
      4.301 points -
      August 9

      I agree with caiman also ! I think ai is good grate for medical but not really for me so i was thinking hi thc but a lower cbd I think i will give the skywalker and jock hore a try myself.skywalker for the hi jock hore for the fun of growing and hopefully hi

  • 3.045

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 3.045 points - July 11

    I agree with Ronp, You should sample some of your cured product!

    as a cultivator, thats part of the process!

    besides, its a good excuse!

    • Score: 0
    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      3.045 points -
      July 13

      I will suggest Northern Lights because it is an easy to grow strain. Very manageable. Bullet proof and resistant to pests and adverse conditions. Love the big fat Indica leaf too

  • 18.688

    harley24 18.688 points - July 12

    You know you are the only one who can answer this question, but i will try and help you by saying you should try the Girl Scout Cookies strain, I just flipped mine to 12/12 today because they are trying to outgrow the space they are in at only 5.5 weeks into veg. A few of them are 22 inches tall and very wide. If you are looking for a new adventure then try the girl scout cookies and hold on my friend. Peace

    • Score: 0
  • 1.707

    bill59 1.707 points - July 12

    I'm a Papaya fan too. My only AI grow was grow #1 so I don't count it for pain comparison. I find the heavy indicas pretty similar in pain control. IMO, take any Nirvana Indica dominant hybrid and make hash for better pain control than buds. 

    • Score: 0
  • 4.888

    ChAs420 4.888 points - July 12

    papaya is always a nice strain with big hard colas and smell..just buy some of each off the nirvana strains a little at a time till your pick ones u know u

    • Score: 0
    • OldFart
      424 points -
      July 12

      I'm not going to live long enough to try all the ones I'd like to try

  • 258

    chubby441 258 points - August 9

    Strains , Strains, and more strains !!! ALWAYS try at least one new strain with each grow . You have had several comments from growers that know!! Blue D. ,GSC , Hazes , Maui W. , I will add to the list ,White W. , Bruce B. , Chernobyl , Hashberry is really endless . Some old school stuff can be very good too, Humboldt Select , Mantanuska T. , Hash Plant , Blueberry . It's  almost to the point that you put 10 strain names in a hat and pull one out ! Good Growin

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