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Diatomaceous Earth and the benefits.

by Bigruss13 about May 17 - report

First off let me say that you should only use food grade OMNI certified DE. That other shit is for pools. This stuff is actually in common household items like ice cream ant toothpaste. Anyway it’s 100% decomposed freshwater plant matter. Kills most soft body insects. I made a little duster with a plastic bottle. Just dusting the floor, the stuf coated the whole room plants included. Won’t let me post a pic of the list of affected insects, but I’ll post a pic in my library.A couple links for info.
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  • 12.761

    pipeman69 12.761 points - May 17

    You just dust the floor not your plants? 

    • Score: 0
    • Bigruss13
      2.645 points -
      May 17

      If you use a duster, it will coat the entire room! It’s that powdery.

    • Bigruss13
      2.645 points -
      May 17

      Better explanation on my new vid.

    • pipeman69
      12.761 points -
      May 17

      I'll check it out thx

  • 10.028

    stick 10.028 points - May 17

    This is all I use for pest control Get food grade only.DE will kill spider mites, fungus gnats, slugs, fleas, spiders, and almost any bug it gets onto. You can apply it to your pet to get rid of fleas too.

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  • 18.282

    harley24 18.282 points - May 17

    I don't have any of those issues growing in coco/perlite mix, but it is good to know the many uses of DE. Thanks for the post. I won't ask you any more questions about DE, lol. Peace

    • Score: 0
    • Bigruss13
      2.645 points -
      May 17

      The articles have all info. Lol

  • 2.968

    thisisme 2.968 points - May 17

    I use this all the time.. used it in my nursery too...  It works on fleas too if they become an issue in rugs.  Just one note. you really should wear a mask when applying it as it can irritate your lungs breathing too much of it. It is an aquatic silica  Oh.. if your animals happen to get worms.. mix a bit in their food or on their fur which they will clean and it will get rid of those too.. great stuff.

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