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What the $&@@!!!! Seedlings in Coco

by Legalizeit about May 15 - report

I have a problem and I am not really sure what it is, as this has never happened. I am attching a photo of a few GSC babies that I CANNOT get going. I tried LED’s, natural, now back to my CFL’s and the seedlings will not take off like they usually do. They only get PH’d water and are the n a coco/perlite mix. For whatever reason they shoot up and then wilt over and die before the first leaves appear. Did I get a bad brick of coco? Can I move them into mew coco? I REALLY dont want to lose anymore.Suggestions?
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  • 7.305

    hipoldman 7.305 points - May 15

    Wish I could help you brother, But I only grow in soil. But don't worry we have plenty of Coco growers here that will help you out.  Good luck.

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  • 2.943

    shloppy 2.943 points - May 15

      Are you puting the seeds direcly in your coco mix? Im prity shur you sprout them like they wher going into soil like a jiffy pellet or better yet a rapid rooter then when they get going good you put them in your coco grow medium.

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    • Odin
      2.641 points -
      May 16


  • 302

    Legalizeit 302 points - May 15

    I have tried germinating in a paper towel and then going into coco, and then directly in coco. Same environment, etc. no idea whats happening.
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  • 3.307

    Allenpro 3.307 points - May 16

    It sounds like your coco coir has issues, what brand is it? Paper towels are great for cleaning up but not so great for popping seeds especially if you get an anxious sprout that tries to root into the towel. I fought it for a long time but I killed so many seeds I started to hear the plants that made it call me Baby Killer so I switched to rapid rooters and have not a single problem since. With the rapid rooters you only touch the seed when you put it in the rapid rooter and I think that has something to do with it, so does drowning them. With the rapid rooters I always water from the bottom so I dont over water. 

    While the seeds are popping in the rapid rooters I suggest you flush the coco a few times, I use FloraKleen from GH and it is great for removing salts and such. 

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    • Legalizeit
      302 points -
      May 16

      Hydroponics Coco Coir

  • 302

    Legalizeit 302 points - May 16

    I removed one and replanted it in new coco, and I noticed the coco was packed really tight and the root was “corkscrewing” almost like it was struggling to get into the coco. Is that possible? I will replant them in a higher perlite percentage and make sure the medium isnt packed as tightly. We’ll see..
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  • 3.307

    Allenpro 3.307 points - May 16

    I am not following what you mean about the coco being packed really tight. Your hydrating it arent you?

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  • 2.641

    Odin 2.641 points - May 16

    how much pearlite you got in that coco?.. It's best to have good drainage and easy for the roots to move around... I use close to 40% pearlite.

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  • 302

    Legalizeit 302 points - May 16

    I think thats what I did wrong. Plant couldnt root in the coco either because I didnt have enough perlite, or it was packed too tighly.Hopefully I wasnt too late....Thanks ya’ll
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  • 468

    Kristian 468 points - May 16

    I am be rooting in coco next time I klip the plants. Using the 48 hour trick after 2 days.

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  • 5.207

    FREE ! 5.207 points - May 16

    Have you considered that the coco. Still has salts in it & should be flushed out before its used.
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