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Nirvana gsc getting off to a slow start. Thoughts?

by bluemm about April 16 - report

I have 3 gsc that I popped about 3 weeks ago. Here they are. They look miniaturized and generally like little pieces of shit. I am thinking about transferring them to coco coir/perlite and not doing supersoil since they have not really taken to the soil well at all.
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  • 357

    Ronp 357 points - April 16

    They really don't look that bad.  Could just be slow starters.  I haven't grown GSC yet but those leaves look very indica which could also explain the slower growth.  Super soil can be a bit hot for seedlings but I can't see any burn.

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    • bluemm
      1.205 points -
      April 16

      Oh yea I start them in a coir based seed starter mix with no additives. Then transplant to the super soil at about the second or third week depending on how developed the root system is. So they don't start out in SS.

  • 3.400

    shloppy 3.400 points - April 16

     They got some fat leeves dont they ! iI dont think they look to bad i would give them some time.The one in the upper left looks a little bit execes on maybe nitrogen but should straiten up in time.I would be happy with them.

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  • 3.948

    ChAs420 3.948 points - April 16

    agree's they dont look bad at all..prolly just slow and or just makin more root system..dont over water em or feed em to much..they shud be ok..sometimes  strains are just small-ish  ..GL

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  • 10.347

    stick 10.347 points - April 16

    How shallow are those pots in the photo? Plants 3 weeks old should be in 5 to 10 gallon pots...Could have a root issue..I've found when the leaves seem to not be growing that the plant energy is going into the roots............I place my seedlings in the pot that they will harvest in...Auto's in my cvase 5 gal cloth pots for healthier roots better yield...

    • Score: 0
    • bluemm
      1.205 points -
      April 17

      About 4 inches.

  • 1.205

    bluemm 1.205 points - April 16

    I repotted them in coir/perlite and gave them some ph'd water with calmagic. After roots get est. In a few days will feed gh flora trio at .25 strength.
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  • 12.989

    pipeman69 12.989 points - April 16

    I feel for you bro! I can't say the same for my gsc!I have them in 7 gallon smart pots, used just happy frog soil that is loaded with beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae but from day one I feed with gh rapid start and concentrated on building good roots. I also transplanted from solo cup right into the #7 pots. When I feed I feed pretty heavy and have them vegging under a 1000 watt metal halide bulb.What type of lighting are you using?
    • Score: 0
    • bluemm
      1.205 points -
      April 17

      2x300 watt marshydro and some 6000k cfls

  • 5.316

    FREE ! 5.316 points - April 17

    May be better if you do a 1 plant test of your super soil & coco the rest. Then you'll only damage 1 plant if it's not quite right. You'll also be able to get an idea what ya soil is missing if anything.
    • Score: 0
    • bluemm
      1.205 points -
      April 17

      Too late they are all in coco and time will tell.

  • 5.069

    GrowDaddyGrow 5.069 points - April 17

    Just grew GSC's and no problems what so ever. Veg = two 400 watt MH, Bloom room = two 400 HPS lights. Fox Farms Happy Frog soil mix & Cyco nutes, were used sparingly.

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