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Leaves curling a little bit with a slight lime color Solved

by Btrain1990 about March 14 - report

Hello all!


Got started on my second grow as I stated earlier in the year with some blue mystic phtoperiod seeds. Started 4 and kept the strongest two in a top fed DWC setup. After the second week when I took out the weaker two plants the leaves on the plants seemed to be curling in odd ways and the bottom two leaves on one of the plants is showing a little bit of a lime color. I am using flora trio with 4/5 of recomended nute levles on a guide I got from and the water is phed to a neutral area. I am also using hydrogaurd at recommended levels for the resevoir. The space temp holds about 77-80 and lights are 13" away from the plants. 


I have included some photos of the plants. Any ideas on how to correct this? Also should nute levels be higher with more than one plant in the setup and is that enough space for the two of them to grow about 1.5' or so before flowering? As always thanks for your help!

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    airplane 0 points - March 14

    at this point ; only 2-3 weesk old  - just let grow - they look OK - solution: just feed water for 3-4 days. putting a plant into flower  dpends on many things - many just grow for 30 days a nd then 12/12 - some grow for 16 inches - and some sativa's only 3 week veg time if not starting at 12/12 from seed (100% sativa's) Tthe longer the veg the bigger the plant -  Generally a plant need 2.5 feet per.  type of lighting ? you have the right idea 1.5 feet is do-able with Blue Mystic would wait till at last 12 inches in height, Fiqure a plant will increase  1-2x's there size once in flower" example: 12 inches plant at 12//12 will get 2-3 feet tall once in flower

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    • Btrain1990
      42 points -
      March 15

      What do you mean by feed water for 3-4 days?

  • 370

    Ronp 370 points - March 14

    Could be a little bit of nitrogen toxicity, difficult for me to tell in te photos
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  • 2.793

    Bigruss13 2.793 points - March 14

    Try to upload pic in natural light a little closer. Airplane is probably right sometimes young plants struggle. It will probably pull through just fine.
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  • 1.705

    bill59 1.705 points - March 15

    All good advice above but I have a question. What does phed to a neutral area mean? Hydro should be around 5.5 to 6.0 and ph is critical to healthy growth. 

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    • Btrain1990
      42 points -
      March 15

      I meant i checked the ph and shot for 5.5-6

  • 42

    Btrain1990 42 points - March 15

    Thanks for your help! I am using a 250 watt HPS bulb currently and planned to put in a 400 watt bulb as the plants got bigger. I will try to get a better picture in natural light. Will just let them grow for now and I try to maintain the ph levels at 5.5-6. 

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  • 2.137

    HydroKid 2.137 points - March 15

    What’s your himumidity at. The seedling doesn’t look to be in horrible shape but the pics are hard to see. Normally when I have leaves curl up and slight discoloration it is from the light beignto close causing heat stress and light burn. It’s small enough that it will recover.
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    • HydroKid
      2.137 points -
      March 15

      I just saw you said the lights were 13” away. Bump it up to 18”-24” away. The 250 watt HPS is causing the heat stress. Do you have a fan in the tent? Air movement would help with heat issues as well.

  • 1.604

    Monkeywrench 1.604 points - March 15

    I agree with the light is too low raise it up for awhile and see if it comes around which it should and up the
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  • 42

    Btrain1990 42 points - March 15

    Will move the light up to 18" Thanks guys!

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    • HydroKid
      2.137 points -
      March 16

      I think that will help a lot. A stationary HPS puts off a good amount of heat.

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