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Samango XXL Solved

by hindu about March 14 - report

Never struggled so much to try and get seeds to sprout...lost two out of five..but this is not what I'm concerned with... At this point, about four weeks into germination two of the three are looking fantastic..One of them however, is a runt..the leaves are a darker green but look like they have some kind of alligator "print like pattern." The entire plant is just sickly and not moving up like the others.  The leaves are bending the wrong way.  The Snow Whites are doing very well along with the other two Samango..


PH is good..been using half strength ferts.


I'm sorry that I can't upload photos.  Can't have that stuff up on the cloud.

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  • Best answer

    SanBoisLee 0 points - March 14

    That stuff happens. Any time you start 3 or more of the same strain, it's likely you will have a different pheno in there. IMO, the newer strains are more likely to do that. A grower really should make sure his/her containers and other equiptment is clean before they start. No, not me, lol!

    • Score: 0
    • hindu
      260 points -
      March 14

      Thanks for your input.

  • 3.156

    ChAs420 3.156 points - March 14

    is normal not to have  all of several plants the same strain to grow differently...sometimes those "Runts" catch up with others or just stay shorter but with killer potency..dont try to over water it to get it goin..that can cause issues

    • Score: 0
    • hindu
      260 points -
      March 14 must have read my mind because that plant has been getting watered more.

  • 2.389

    Bigruss13 2.389 points - March 14

    Over watering is probably the most common mistake made.
    • Score: 0
    • HydroKid
      2.030 points -
      March 15

      Agreed with Russ. Dark leaves are a big sign that too much water is Available.

  • 2.030

    HydroKid 2.030 points - March 15

    I’d still let her run. In my opinion I have had a few runts that took off weeks down the road. I’d keep your fingers crossed and run with it.
    • Score: 0
    • hindu
      260 points -
      March 15

      Cool! I will do that! Thanks

  • 391

    SpudGreen 391 points - March 15

    Given time some slow starters turn out just fine.  I've also kept some runts in veg tent for the next run with success.  

    • Score: 0
    • hindu
      260 points -
      March 15


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