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Which To Plant First? Solved

by Yogini about March 14 - report

I’m going to grow auto fem & regular fem indices this season.Which one should I start with or it doesn’t matter?Thx Experts!
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    bill59 0 points - March 15

    If you want to grow them both in the same space at the same time start the auto first at 18/6 lighting. 4 weeks later start the photo at same light schedule. Run 18/6 for about 8 weeks then harvest the auto and flip the lights to 12/12 to flower the photo. 

    If you're doing one at a time start with the photo, IMO.

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    • pipeman69
      11.594 points -
      March 15

      Good answer bill!

    • iONic
      154 points -
      March 15

      Planting one or the other first really depends on the objective, which we do not know. bill59's answer, however, is likely to be the primary objective. Kudo's bill......maybe!

    • ChAs420
      1.839 points -
      March 15

      yeah Bill has good answer i forgot about the diff

    • Yogini
      386 points -
      March 16

      Hey, I thought the auto doesn’t need a light schedule!?

  • 154

    iONic 154 points - March 14

    The Auto is likely to grow faster so your growing "season" should be based around the "regular" as this is the one that need the most time. But it will be largely determined by where you grow (indoors/outdoors), as well as the method you use to grow(soil, coir, hydro).

    I am not the "Expert," but I believe they will need to know some reasoning behind the question before they can give you a well informed opinion.

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  • 1.839

    ChAs420 1.839 points - March 14

    if grown inside you prolly shud start the reg photo seed first and get it goin a couple weeks or so and then do the auto..and u prolly get the auto to finish b4 the reg photo plant (hope the photo seed is feminized)this way u can have some  stuff to smoke b4 the reg photo is done  GL

    • Score: 0
  • 11.594

    pipeman69 11.594 points - March 14

    Wow this is gonna be a tough one for me!Autos? Photo's?Um,,,, I say go with photoperiod!
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