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Root stimulators

by chamberlin62 about March 14 - report

how do I know if i need a root stimulator.

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  • 178

    iONic 178 points - March 14

    Not sure if you will "need" a root stimulator, but using one will certainly help. More roots will help you grow more flower in the long run and Idon't believe it would ever hurt you grow.

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  • 2.793

    Bigruss13 2.793 points - March 14

    iONic is correct, you don’t need it, but it definitely will improve yields. Remember shoot growth (stems & leaves) is directly proportionate to root growth. The more big healthy roots, the bigger healthier plant.
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    • Bigruss13
      2.793 points -
      March 14

      Personally I use rapid start, but there are plenty of other good options.

  • 13.531

    pipeman69 13.531 points - March 15

    I wouldn't do a grow without it! I love my rapid start! Killer roots =  killer plants! I use that shit throughout my whole veg period!

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  • 502

    SpudGreen 502 points - March 15

    I''ve switched from Rapid Start to House & Garden's Roots Excelurator. Rapid Start is less expensive but more is required making the cost comparable.  GH developed Rapid Start to compete with Roots Excelurator and both seem to justify the cost..  It's my only change to the GH Flora lineup outside of Great White.  

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  • 4.281

    shloppy 4.281 points - March 15

    You ask "how do I know if i need a root stimulator."The only root stimulato i have ever used is root tone to make clones years ago.I dont think you need one per say its a option reading thes respounces i think i might start using them but for a faster start not becous i need them.But i like experimenting and im cheep so my next clone project i plan on trying alow vera plant. Might try it on seeds to.

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