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REALLY short plant, I think.

by chamberlin62 about March 14 - report

We are growing our first serious indoor grow. We choose Northerlights for it's easy grow. Our problem is, at week 5 from sprout, she is only 7inches tall but 11 inches wide. We did one terimal pinch, using Foxfarm products at half the dose, Ipower grow light 25 inches above plant, temp runs around 73* and 52 % humidity. We are running lights 24 hours to see if we can get some height, removed some large fan leaves to let light get to lateral leaves, She is crazy bushy with really short internodes of maybe 1/2 inch. So, is this normal, should she be taller by now, if so how do we make her stretch. Thanks Joni.

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  • 1.604

    Monkeywrench 1.604 points - March 14

    Is this a photo or auto and pics would help it might be normal it might be just a slow starter I had one that stayed 7to 10 inches tall and it's like 96 days from sprout and here lately she blew up fast....
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    • chamberlin62
      39 points -
      March 14

      I just posted one picture of her, a view from the top, I will get a side view for you soon.

    • chamberlin62
      39 points -
      March 14

      And she is photo.

  • 13.531

    pipeman69 13.531 points - March 14

    18/6 is your best bet.Are you using a root enhance/ stimulator?
    • Score: 0
    • chamberlin62
      39 points -
      March 14

      We are not using a root stimulator. How do I know I need one or do I need it at all.

  • 19.573

    airplane 19.573 points - March 14

    that's the way they grow (NL) it's and Indica dominate strain and is a short to medium plant in size.  YOu are doing nothing wrong - just grow it and have fun and learn !!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE

    • Score: 0
  • 2.137

    HydroKid 2.137 points - March 14

    Northern Lights tend to be a short bushy girls. From the picture you posted I can tell she is in good health. As pipeman mention you want to drop the light schedule back to 18/6 especially going into week three. She will likely triple in size once you switch to flower. Darkness will help growth, plants need a little rest. If you looking to try and grow a tall plant, give White Widow a try. She gets tall fairly quick. Both responses above are on point.

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  • 542

    joe_dirt 542 points - March 14

    As HydroKid stated, I would drop the light schedule to 18/6.  The light is what keeps them from stretching taller.  I used to give 24 hour light for the first 2 weeks but found out the plants do not grow as well.  Now I only give 24 hour light until a few days after the seedling pops above soil, then switch to 18/6.  

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  • 4.884

    ChAs420 4.884 points - March 14

    all good answers here...some plants stay shorter than others and also remember that different strains/plants drink and feed more than others..i think sometimes when people have a short plant that wont get real tall, people try to feed them to much or make em drink to much, which willl cause issues ..good luck ;)

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  • 3.022

    Texasbob 3.022 points - March 14

    I've always liked the short bushy plants because my grow room is only 48" tall. When she starts to flower she will get her stretch on. Have fun with it and enjoy the grow !
    • Score: 0
  • 592

    TychoMonolith 592 points - March 14

    I love stealth. lol

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